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A 3D printer is a machine that allows us to create objects or volumetric models from three-dimensional designs created from our computer. The most advanced printers on the market, such as those from BQ or MarkerBot, cost thousands of euros. The truth is Although they have dropped a lot in price in recent years, they still represent an important betAbove all, for those who feel very interested in the subject and would like to start, but who an outlay of such a depth inevitably throws them back.

The Chinese technology market covers practically all sectors, and this is where perhaps we should consider starting to look our first 3D printer. A machine that allows us to learn everything we need, that allows us to enjoy our first creations and that above all, does not imply an outrage on our pocketbook. We are just starting out and we want to have fun. What alternatives do we have?

3 3D printers for beginners: getting off to a good start

The 3D printers that we will see below are the cheapest that we can find in the Chinese market as far as 3D printers are concerned. We will certainly find cheaper ones, but in terms of quality / price ratio, we will hardly see anything better.

To further adjust this price range, all the machines that we will see below are DIY, which means that we have to assemble them ourselves in order to start working with them.

Acrylic 3DCSTAR P802-MHS 3D Printer

This desktop 3D printer manufactured by 3DCSTAR (161.15€) is capable of shaping objects of a size of 220 x 220 x 240mm. It has a 0.4mm nozzle capable of reaching a temperature of between 170 and 275 degrees and with which it manages to create layers with a thickness of between 0.1 and 0.4mm. As modeling material we can use all kinds of flexible filaments, PLA, ABS, HIPS or even wood for printing (Yes, it exists!). It has an LCD screen from where we can see data about the printing, and another small detail such as the possibility of printing offline (that is, without the need to be connected to a PC). It is made of acrylic plate, and has a fan to accelerate the solidification process.

Tronxy X3 Desktop High Accuracy LCD Screen 3D Printer Kit

The Tronxy X3 (201.44€) is a printer with characteristics very similar to the 3DCSTAR 802-MHS, but with a few extras to take into account. In this case, the Tronxy model is capable of creating objects of somewhat larger dimensions, more specifically of 220 x 220 x 300mm. It also has an LCD screen and offline printing thanks to the SD and USB inputs of which it has. It also accepts all kinds of flexible filaments for printing such as ABS, PLA, wood, nylon PVA, PC, HIPS etc. It reads files in G-code and STL format and to work uses software such as Repetier-Host or Cure.

Anet A2 Plus Aluminum Metal 3D DIY Printer

The Anet A2 Plus (190.70€) has a consistent aluminum body and offers high precision printing. Its print volume is halfway between the two previous models, that is, in 220 x 220 x 270mm. It has an LCD screen and is compatible with the 3D software of Cure, compatible with both Windows and Mac. Its level of precision is quite high: 0.012mm for the XY axis and 0.004mm for the Z axis. Compared to other 3D printers it is quite light (it only weighs 6kg) and its printing speed is 30 - 100mm / s.

As a start, any of these 3 printers can be a good option, but the truth is that in recent times the offer and variants for 3D printing have only increased. In this way, we can find other types of printers and devices such as laser engravers that allow us to make engravings on all types of materials such as wood, paper, plastic or leather. Or even 3D printers pens, with which we can make drawings with volume or small objects.

The truth is that it is a fascinating world and that it does not stop evolving. If you want to see more models of chanante printers, recorders or all kinds of gadgets related to 3D modeling and printing, do not hesitate to take a walk through the 3D printers section of GearBest. It has no waste.

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