How to set up the PS4 controller on an Android device

I recently renewed my Android TV Box, and have started testing a few emulators for older 8- and 16-bit consoles. Although the ideal for this type of games are the retro controllers or gamepads, the truth is that it can also be used the PS4 Dual Shock controller to play directly on Android as if it were a Bluetooth controller to use.

In today's tutorial we go over the process to configure the remote control Playstation 4 on an Android device, such as a TV Box, a tablet or a simple smartphone.

How to synchronize the Dual Shock of the PS4 in Android step by step

If you have already synced the Dual Shock of your PS4 on a Windows PC before -and if not take a look at this other post- surely you can get an idea of ​​the dynamics that we are going to follow next.

  • Press the PS button and the "Compartir”On the PS4 controller simultaneously for a few seconds, until a flashing white light turns on.
  • Activate the Bluetooth connection on your Android device. You will see how a new wireless device of type "Wireless Controller”. It's the Dual Shock of the Play!
  • Click on the "Wireless Controller”To link it.
  • A message may then appear requesting a link code. It is not necessary to enter any numeric code, just click on "Link" directly.
  • Once synchronized, we will see how the “Wireless Controller”Appears in status“Connected”And we can use it to navigate in the Android launcher and play any game compatible with gamepads on Android.

Setting up the PS4 controller on an Android TV Box

In some TV Boxes, although the process is practically identical, it varies in some points. Many TV Boxes have a quick access menu that allows us to connect Bluetooth devices from a sidebar (“Remote control and accessories” –> “Add accessory”).

After having several problems syncing the controller from this sidebar, my recommendation is to go to the TV Box settings, and from there, in the Bluetooth settings, try to link it directly. I don't know why, but oddly enough, it tends to work much better.

This sidebar is the devil.

Problems syncing your Dual Shock?

From what I have been able to verify, some TV Boxes tend to be reluctant to sync the PS4 controller. Leaving aside that the copies of the original Dual Shock tend to give enough problems in this regard, it seems that some TV Boxes are simply not compatible and offer pairing errors every time we try to do the pairing.

In this case, a good alternative is usually to be done with a gamepad that is compatible with Android. Their price does not usually exceed 30 euros - about $ 35/40 -, and they offer a generally exquisite performance.

If we are going to play retro games one of the best Bluetooth controllers compatible with Android is the NES 30 Pro by 8Bitdo-I've been using it for a while and it's the best I've tried so far. Another very popular controller with a completely different aesthetic is the Mars Gaming MGP1, with a very positive assessment by the community.

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