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The KODI multimedia player has a lot of tools, add-ons and add-ons that help us to exploit its possibilities to the fullest. Here in the blog we have already talked about its possibilities as a retro game console, also allowing you to see live DTT, and many other things. Today we are talking about Yatse, an Android app that is presented as one of the best add-ons for those who have KODI on their computer, Raspberry or Android TV.

Yatse, an app to send content to KODI from your mobile, with a command function, streaming for YouTube and more

Although Yatse is presented as a remote control for KODI, the truth is that it has much more crumb behind it. On the one hand, we have a tool that is not only compatible with KODI, but also works on other platforms such as Plex, Chromecast, Emby, Roku, and some Smart TVs. A versatility that is undoubtedly appreciated in these times.

As a remote controller, Yatse offers a simple interface very similar to that of Kore (the official remote control app developed by XBMC Foundation that we saw in this other POST), although with many more navigation options. But what really draws attention, and which will surely be the main reason to install this application on our mobile, are its "extra" functions:

  • It allows us to stream from our mobile to Kodi, UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku or SmartTV.
  • Send content from the browser or YouTube.
  • Accept voice commands.
  • Compatible with Android Wear and Android Auto.
  • Integrated audio player.
  • Offline content.
  • Possibility of saving our settings in the cloud.

In addition to this, Yatse is able to sync with IMDB, in such a way that we can extract the covers, synopses and other information from movies and series, giving a quite remarkable leap in quality to what it means to use Kodi to view multimedia content.

Of course, with the free version without ads we will only have the remote control option. In order to enjoy the rest of the features (which in the end is the really good thing about this app), we will have to get the premium version and shell out € 2.99.

In favor of Yatse, it must also be said that the synchronization process with Kodi is one of the simplest that we have seen so far. It has an automatic detector, and if we decide to synchronize by hand we just have to enter the IP, the port and run. Quite a success on the part of the developer.

Download Yatse QR-Code: Kodi-command and transmitter Developer: Tolriq Price: Free

In short, a very complete app with an excellent rating of 4.7 stars on Google Play and more than 1 million downloads behind it. As an interesting anecdote, if we go through the tab in the app we will see the responses that the developer gives (which shows that it is quite burned) to people who leave bad ratings. They have no waste.

Think twice before writing a bad review about Yatse on the Play Store!

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