Remove Malicious Programs, Spies and Viruses

If your computer takes a long time to start up, has problems loading pages correctly, your browser has a lot of embedded advertising, your home page has changed without your consent or you have unwanted programs installed, it means that you have an infected computer and you need to do a good cleaning. Where do you start?

From El Android Feliz we recommend having a good anti adware, a anti malware and a antivirus to have your computer scanned for malicious programs. Once the equipment is analyzed, reviewed and optimized, you will be able to work normally again. These types of viruses and embedded advertising also tend to devour PC resources, so once clean we will see how the computer recovers its normal performance level.

Check the programs that run automatically when Windows starts

If many programs are run when Windows starts up or if there are unwanted programs or viruses, this will have a negative effect on the time it takes for the system to be "operational". To be able to see the programs that run when Windows loads:

From Windows 7: Press the Windows start button, and in the blank box that has the legend "Search programs and files" writes "msconfig”. The system configuration window will open, go to the “Windows startup”And take a look. If there is a program that you do not want to run every time you start the computer, select it and press the button to disable. This will also make the system load time shorter.

From Windows 8 and Windows 10: Right-click the Windows button on the start bar and select "Run". Writes "msconfig”And you will see how the system configuration window loads. In this case the tab "Windows startup”Redirects you to the task manager. (Note: We can also start the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

From Windows 8 onwards the administration of the startup programs are managed from the Task Manager

In W8 and W10 we can manage the startup programs from the same administrator: We choose the program that we do not want to run at startup and in the same way we select the application and click on "To disable”.

If you do not know which programs to remove from the start because you have no idea which programs appear in this list, as a clue I can tell you that those that have many syllables in a row and that do not seem like "words" or the name of an application have all the ballots to be untrustworthy. For example, a program called "wqewfffdgfd.exe" sure doesn't do any good. If you still have doubts with a program, I recommend that you enter its name in Google, and if you see that the first entries in the search engine refer to possible malicious programs, disable it.

Install and Launch AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a free program that remove adware, toolbars (browser bars), and unwanted programs usually. You can download AdwCleaner from the Android download section.

Once downloaded, install it and open it to perform a scan of your system.

Just click on "Scan" to start reviewing our PC

Once the scan is done, if AdwCleaner has found a threat, it will show it in the various tabs of the "Results”. Press "Clean up”So that the program eliminates these threats. You can exempt some program from burning if you uncheck the checkbox that mentions it.

Install and Run MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes is a free anti-malware and its job is to find and remove malicious software of your team. You can download this application from our download section.

Once downloaded, install it and open it to analyze your computer (press “Analyze Now”).

This application is also very simple: Click on «Analyze now» to start working

All the threats that MalwareBytes finds during the scan will be listed in "Detected Objects”.

"Objects detected" shows us the number of threats detected

Once the scan is done, and if threats have been found, click on "Remove Selected”For MalwareBytes to erase all detected infections.

Install and Run a good antivirus

Finally, run an analysis with your head antivirus to scan the computer in case there is still an active threat. You have several free antivirus in the download section of the Android. You can install AVG or Avast, both are good antivirus that do their job very well.

To finish the set-up delete temporary

By now your computer should be free of viruses and threats, but if we also delete temporary files from our PC, we will lighten our system and it will work faster.

You can delete temporary files from the buttonStart -> Runand launching the command «% temp%" (without quotation marks). This command will open a folder with all your user's temporary files. You can delete all the files that appear in this folder (You will see how it may not let you delete some files because an alert tells you that they are in use. Don't worry, it's normal, you don't need to delete them).

If you want to carry out a more exhaustive deletion of temporary files, you can install the CCleaner application and it will take care of the entire deletion process.

What if none of this works?

There are many viruses or unwanted programs that are really elusive and difficult to remove. If after performing all these actions you still cannot get rid of any of them, it is best to write the name of the virus or a description of the effects it causes in Google. Most likely it is a known virus and you will find forums or tutorials to get rid of it. Or if you prefer, contact us from the Android's office section and we will try to help you with a quick response. Luck!

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