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The IMEI code It is one of those phone related names that many people often confuse. Some think that it is something like the PIN or PUK that they give us when we buy a SIM, or the operator on duty gives us a new phone. Nothing is further from reality.

In today's post we are going to try to clarify what exactly is IMEI, what is it for and how to remove it whether we have an Android mobile or an iPhone. It is really simple and it will not take us more than half a minute.

What is the IMEI code of a mobile exactly?

The IMEI is a unique identification code associated with a mobile phone. It is something like the DNI or identification document that people use, and it serves to keep a worldwide record of the mobiles that are in circulation throughout the globe. In most cases, the IMEI is a 15-digit code.

How to know the IMEI code of my mobile

The process to obtain the IMEI code of our mobile is really simple. Unless we have an old phone, in which case it will take a little longer, but nothing that cannot be solved with a good chocolate shake and some patience.

1 # Using a secret code

Android phones have an important collection of secret codes. Numerical combinations that when captured as if they were a phone call, give us certain information about the terminal (you can check here all the secret codes for Android).

To get the IMEI, just open the phone and dial the following code: *#06#

We will automatically see the IMEI number on the screen (in some cases like the screenshot, the secondary IMEI and the serial number will even appear).

2 # Disassembling the phone

If the phone is bricked and it does not turn on, we will be able to type the code to see the IMEI on the screen. In this case we will have to arm ourselves with patience and disassemble the mobile phone's casing to be able to see its guts.

The IMEI code is usually indicated on a sticker, usually behind the battery.

3 # If you have an iPhone, look in the configuration settings

Apple telephony users can also check the IMEI of their iPhone as follows:

  • We are going to "Settings -> General -> About”.
  • Here we will find several data related to the phone, among them the IMEI of our iPhone.

What is the use of removing the IMEI from a phone? What are the benefits?

Knowing the IMEI of our terminal can have several practical uses, although it is mainly used for 2 things:

  • Unlocking a mobile phone: Many phone companies sell smartphones that only work with their own SIM cards. If we change the operator and we want to continue using the same mobile, we can ask the company to release it - in most cases there is usually no problem. For that, it is necessary that we provide the IMEI of the terminal.
  • Lock a stolen terminal: If our phone has been stolen, but we have the IMEI well written down, we can call our operator and ask for it to be blocked. In this way, the mobile is rendered useless and thieves cannot use it. In fact, it is a highly recommended action, if after trying to locate it with our Google account we do not obtain results.

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