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“Nobody knows how long the city has been in this state. One day suddenly, the contagion began, and the humans lost the ability to connect with the city. After that, the city began to randomly expand, and the security system deemed the human residents illegal. And he began to exterminate them. "

so it begins Blame!, the new anime film directed by Hiroyuki Seshita and based on the homonymous manga by Tsutomu Nihei. A cyberpunk classic that finally sees the light in the form of an animated feature film by the hand of Netflix, premiered on May 20.

The story, set in a dark, post-apocalyptic future, features humanity alienated by a reality dominated by technology. Although the film takes a lot of concepts and ideas from the original manga, mainly from volumes 2 and 3, it tells a completely independent and "self-concluding" story that can be viewed without having to read the manga beforehand. Killy, the mysterious protagonist of this Blame! look for humans who possess the network terminal gene, the only humans that machines cannot kill. During the journey, your path will cross that of a small colony of surviving humans.

The truth is that the drawing and animation look truly spectacular. It has that mix of stiff CGI and traditional anime that somehow suits the overall tone and overall vibe of the film very well. A little along the lines of Ajin, but with a more powerful, detailed and organic visual aspect.

"The city", that gloomy amalgam of cement blocks, circuits and technology manages to convey a feeling of indiscriminate and unscrupulous terror that makes us not give a penny for the protagonists every time they face some of their machines.

A film that manages to keep interest, with a good soundtrack, great atmospheres and some pretty neat and mind-blowing action scenes. In short, a film made with trade and that will delight both fans of the mangaka masterpiece Nihei, as well as anime and science fiction lovers in general.

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