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Icons! Icons everywhere! Here is a list of pages from which you can download free icons without complications. As is usual in repositories of this type, in most cases you can simply download the icon without restrictions, in other cases you must refer to the author if you use the icon for commercial purposes, such as to use it on a web page, and in other cases offer you the possibility of buying it at a reasonable price. However, the 4 websites that we comment on below allow you to download free icons without any major restrictions (except in a specific case in which they ask to reference the author in case of making use of it).

If you need icons for your website, I recommend the Font Awesome icons, since they have a large catalog of free icons that you can use without having to download them, simply by referring to the icon from your own website.

The best icons for web pages: Font Awesome

The best web page icons You'll find them in Font Awesome ( This website offers countless icons for your website completely free of charge. It is a reference website if you are a webmaster and you want to put new icons on your website or you want to change the existing ones. It is enough to refer to the icon with the code indicated on the page to be able to view it on your website. The icons that you will find here work under license SIL Open Font and they are free and open source. I'll tell you a secret: Most of the icons for web pages and blogs are from Font Awesome (they have a 20% market share). In Font Awesome they have web icons, social media icons for the web, icons of all kinds. If you are looking icons for web pages free this is your site.

Vector and Handmade Icons at Good Staff No Nonsense

I love the Good Staff No Nonsense website. It has that arty, handcrafted touch that feels so good that I would like to download them and use them all. All icons are free for personal and commercial use. Some icon packs can be downloaded directly, and for others you will only need to subscribe to their newsletter to be able to download them without problems. It is the perfect page for download free vector icons and of high quality, in AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, PNG, PSD and CSH formats.

Modern and stylish vector icons: Flat Icon

Like the wonderful Good Staff No Nonsense, this website offers a wide selection of free vector icons for download. It has a catalog of 161,038 vector icons, with very clean and modern designs, and with a great search engine that helps you find what you are looking for at all times. The icons come in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats and although they are free, it is necessary to name the author on our website if we are going to use some of them. Here you will find icons for cell phone or mobile, icons for programs, icons for social networks, icons for web: icons everywhere!

Download icons for folders and icons for programs in IconFinder

If you are looking download icons for folders or icons for programs or for your shortcuts etc., take a look at the list of free icons by IconFinder. From the IconFinder website you can find icons in ICO, PNG and SVG formats mainly. One of the virtues of this website is that for each pack of icons to download it shows a legend indicating the type of license it has: if they are for commercial free use or if they work under a Creative Commons license.

More free icons

Still haven't had enough? If you still have not found the icon you are looking for, in addition to the sites mentioned above, here you have several links to many other web pages to download free icons. Surely in some of them you will find what you were looking for!




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