How to know who is calling you from a hidden or unknown number

When an app has more than 250 million downloads it can only mean 2 things: either it is a “social” app, or it is an application that offers a basic function for our mobile. Truecaller It falls within the second group, since it offers a primary service for any mobile phone user. Identify hidden, private and unknown numbers.

If we are tired of receiving calls from companies offering us services that we do not want and we want to get rid of spamFor both calls and SMS, this is a tool that helps us solve the problem in a jiffy.

Truecaller, the app to identify hidden calls and spam on Android and iOS

Truecaller is a free app available for both Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and its main function is to provide some more information to all those unfamiliar calls. The application draws on the agenda of all Truecaller users, as well as a large amount of additional information collected through the internet.

With this, he has managed to elaborate a database of more than 3 billion phone numbers. In this way, when a user labels a number as spam, if we receive a call from that phone we will be warned of its "dubious origin".

Download QR-Code Truecaller: ID and call log, spam Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB Price: Free

How to know who is calling you from a hidden, private or unknown number with Truecaller

To start Truecaller we only have to install the application in our terminal and open the app - it is free and does not require root permissions. The first time we run it, will request access to our agenda, calls and SMS.

On the main screen we will see the call history of our phone, replacing all those unknown numbers by actual sender's name. Not all the numbers are in the Truecaller database, but the truth is that it is surprisingly effective.

If we click on an entry in the call history or on a contact in the phonebook, we will be able to know the origin of the call -country or city of origin- and carry out various actions, such as block phone number so that no more calls or SMS enter us or add identification labels.

Thanks to these labels, if another user receives a call from the same number - let's say it is a telemarketing company - the number will be accompanied by some labels such as «Information technology"Or"Shopping»That will help us to know the nature of that call. Pretty practical, right?

Is it safe to use Truecaller?

Truecaller is a Swedish application developed by True Software Scandinavia AB and its database is certified by the Swedish Authority for Press. Nobody likes to share the numbers in their phonebook, but it is an essential requirement for the app to work. Without the collective support it would be impossible for an application like this to exist.

That said, the app only uses user numbers to feed your own database. If we agree with this, we will not have major problems using the application. It is not a malicious app, nor does it contain viruses or similar stories.

Other apps to identify calls from hidden, private or spam numbers on Android

In addition to Truecaller, Android has a good number of similar applications, such as Whoscall or DU Caller. They do not have such an extensive database, but both are rated quite positively by the community.

Download QR-Code Caller ID & Block - DU Caller Developer: DU APPS STUDIO - BATTERY & BOOSTER Price: Free Download QR-Code Whoscall - Caller ID & Block Developer: Gogolook Price: Free

What do you think of these types of applications? Have you ever tried them? To talk about this other topics, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area.

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