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When you have been "making life" online for a few years, you find that you have dozens of accounts, each with its corresponding password. Remembering them all can be a real madness, unless you always use the same access code (and it can already be complicated, because if not, the day they decrypt it, you will find yourself in big trouble).

The most used passwords in recent years are always the same: "password" and "123456", so if we want some security we must opt ​​for long and complex passwords. Irremediably, this forces us to have an elephant memory, to write them down in a nice Excel -with their corresponding backups- or to use a good password manager.

The best password managers of 2019 to protect your online accounts

We can always use the password managers of web browsers, a good alternative to avoid having to remember the passwords of all the stores, apps and forums that we visit. Nevertheless, these types of managers are not as complete as they should be, since they are still mere complements of an application whose ultimate purpose is quite another (surfing the Internet).

To give a quick example, native browser managers usually do not allow strong passwords to be generated. Something that we do get with a dedicated password manager. Let's see then, which are the best and most complete as of 2019, compatible with both Android, like iOS, Windows and other systems / platforms.


1Password started out as a password manager focused solely on Apple, but has since expanded its compatibility to iOS, Android, Windows, and ChromeOS. It also has a plug-in for web browsers, making it much easier to manage and create new passwords from virtually any device.

Its great attraction is the amount of extra functions it offers. In addition to acting as a password manager to use, it also works as authentication tool. It even allows create a security key for your own encryption key, adding an extra layer of protection. Of course, we can already remember that password, because if not, not even 1Password will be able to help us recover our passwords.

It also has a “Travel mode”Which allows you to erase any sensitive data from your devices before starting a trip, and restore them on your return with a simple click. Practical, easy to use and really complete. At the functionality level, probably the best password manager of the moment. Of course, it is priced at $ 2.99 / month (free trial month).

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Download QR-Code 1Password Developer: AgileBits Price: Free


The best free password manager on the market. Currently it is the only one that allows synchronization between devices, and it is also compatible with a multitude of operating systems. It works like the rest of the administrators on this list: we save the users and passwords on the LastPass servers and then access them from the corresponding browser or application.

Among its features, this excellent key manager allows us to:

  • Autocomplete login forms.
  • Receive alerts about accounts that may be compromised.
  • Authentication in 2 steps.
  • Scan our collection for weak passwords.

There is also a premium plan with which we get additional functions, such as 1GB of encrypted storage in the cloud and the so-called "emergency access", with which we can give temporary access to our passwords to another user.

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Download QR-Code LastPass Password Manager Developer: LogMeIn, Inc. Price: Free


If we don't want to save any password in the cloud, the best we can do is use an application like KeePassXC. This is a tool that we install on our desktop PC, with which we can encrypt all our users and access codes protecting them with a master password or key file (or both). Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Firefox and Chrome.

The difference with other similar applications is that instead of synchronizing our database from the LastPass servers or whatever application, the synchronization we must do it ourselves by hand. Making use of file synchronization tools such as Dropbox or SpiderOak (the latter, recommended by Edward Snowden). Once we have the encrypted file uploaded to the cloud, we can access it with any device that has KeePassXC installed.

Ultimately, this is the most transparent solution of all, since KeePassXC is the only tool on this list that is Open Source, which means that your code can be analyzed by anyone for bugs or errors.

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aWallet is one of those password managers that has been on the market for years. Used to store passwords, bank information, credit cards and all kinds of personal information.

A versatile application that meets all the basics: AES and Blowfish encryption, incorporates a built-in search engine, customizable icons and auto-lock function. It also includes a strong password generator so we don't have to break our heads thinking about one, although this is a feature that only comes in the premium version.

Another interesting detail is that if we want to pay for the full version, it is not necessary to subscribe to a monthly payment plan: we make a single in-app payment and we will have the pro version forever. In any case, the free version may be more than enough for most users. One of the best password managers for Android.

Download QR-Code aWallet Password Manager Developer: Synpet Price: Free


Thanks to the improvements incorporated in the latest updates, Dashlane is undoubtedly positioned as one of the best password managers of 2019. A platform that shines with its own light, with some features that we cannot find anywhere else.

With function "Security breach alerts", Dashlane is tasked with monitoring the murkiest sites on the Internet for potential password leaks or leaks. If you find any gap that may affect us personally, notify us immediately.

Like 1Password, it uses a key to encrypt our passwords, although there is no possibility of synchronizing devices unless we go to the premium version (which is about $ 5 per month and includes free VPN). The free plan allows you to store up to 50 passwords from a single device.

Another of its outstanding features is the possibility of not store our data on Dashlane servers, something that we cannot find in other applications such as 1Password or LastPass. Also, it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

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If you know other password managers that are worthwhile, do not hesitate to leave your particular recommendation in the comments area.

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