How to get free Internet on your mobile: 5 tricks that work

free Internet, that elusive lover. When you have it, you don't know what to do with it, and when you need it, you'd kill for a couple more megabytes to get to the end of the day. This is a problem that we do not normally have when we are in the heat of the home router, but it is accentuated in a supernatural way when we go out, irredeemable slaves of our monthly data rate. Would you like to always be covered and have free Wi-Fi on your mobile wherever you go?

5 methods to have free Internet on your mobile

The best way to have Internet on your mobile without consuming data is to find free wifi hotspots. Something that can be of vital importance if we are working outside the office and we have already consumed our monthly gigs, or we want to watch a series or movie in streaming while we are on the street.

Use the Facebook app

If we already have the Facebook app on our mobile or tablet, we do not need to install any additional tools. For some time now, the Facebook app has a service that helps us find free Wi-Fi networks. And the truth is that it does not work badly.

All we have to do is open the application and click on the menu button located in the upper right margin. In this new window, we click on "Show more", And if we go down a bit, we will see an option that says"Search Wi-Fi”. If we access this section we will see a list of all the open Wi-Fi points around us on a map.

WiFi Master Key

The searched Facebook Wi-Fi is fine, but it has a problem: it only shows the open networks of locals, bars and establishments that have a Facebook page. This greatly limits the number of free Wi-Fi that we can find around us.

If we want a good search engine for free connection points, nothing better than WiFi Master Key. It is the most complete application in this sense: it has more than 400 million free access points. There is nothing.

Register QR-Code WiFi Master - by Developer: LINKSURE NETWORK HOLDING PTE. LIMITED Price: To be announced

The good thing is that not only the wifis of bars, hotels, libraries and others are shown. WiFi Master Key also allows users to share their own connection, thus greatly increasing the available access points.

In addition, the app also allows tests to be carried out to check the speed, security and power of the networks to which we connect. What more could you want? Without a doubt, one of the best apps to find free Wi-Fi points.

Vodafone stores offer free Wi-Fi

If you are a Vodafone customer and you live in Spain, you are in luck. Did you know that Vodafone offers free internet connection in more than 140 stores distributed throughout the country? The operator allows us to connect once a day for a maximum of 50 minutes.

All we have to do is stop by their establishment and get the signal (we don't even have to go inside). Something that can be great if we are on the street and need an emergency connection or make a quick consultation.

We can see the list of Vodafone stores with free WiFi in the following LINK.

WiFi Map

As its name suggests, we are looking at a free Wi-Fi map. In the end, it is very similar to WiFi Master Key: it has more than 100 million access points with their corresponding passwords, speed tests and more.

However, it has a very interesting feature, and that is that the app allows you to leave comments. In this way, we can know what people think of the Wi-Fi points that are available on the map. It also allows you to download all the passwords of a specific city, to be able to consult them later without connection. Without a doubt, one of the most useful apps in the Google Play Store.

Download QR-Code WiFi Map® - Free Internet with passwords WiFi Developer: WiFi Map LLC Price: Free

Euskaltel WiFi kalean

This is a free service for users of the operator Euskaltel. It is something like the free Wi-Fi of the Vodafone stores but taken to the extreme: a free Wi-Fi network in the street, without a limit of gigabytes or time.

Here what Euskaltel does is borrow the signal from the routers of all its customers to offer Wi-Fi to the rest of the users who walk on the street. As an idea it is quite good, and the truth is that it works well. All you need is to download the “Euskaltel WiFi” app on your mobile, configure it and start browsing.

Download QR-Code Euskaltel WiFi Developer: Nektar Development Price: Free

Final warning: Beware of the wifis map for airports!

On some sites we have seen how the use of WiFox, an offline map that shows us the passwords of the wifis of airports around the world. At first it may seem like a very useful app, especially for people who travel a lot, commercials and others.

But be careful, because the application is paid and according to its users it does not offer satisfactory results. There are not many airports and the majority of them are open Wi-Fi accesses that we can find without having to buy the app. Perhaps in the future it will receive improvements, but at least for now it does not seem the most recommended solution if we compare it with the rest of the alternatives that we have just discussed.

Do you know any other trick or method to get free Internet on your mobile? If so and you want to share it with the world, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area.

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