The best apps and websites to watch old movies

The classic cinema It is considered one of the most iconic in history. It includes the North American tradition for the production of films between the years 1900 and 1960. It managed to attract a large audience, and continues to do so today. Watch old movies it is an activity and hobby

With the development of technology, access to films based on this type of cinema has become global. Which is why more and more web pages and applications appear that allow you to enjoy classic cinema movies. Briefly know ten alternatives where you can enjoy this type of movies.

Best Apps and Websites for Watching Old Movies

To speak of classic cinema is to travel back in time, and enjoy one of the most memorable times in the film world. Generally it is a traditional cinema, which is constituted by a system of conventions that characterize the cinematographic tradition. In addition, it makes use of traditional resources, without introducing new elements that cause the breakdown of the style. And if this is your favorite content, know these options to watch old movies:

Free Movies - The best classic cinema (Peliculasmaniac)

It is an application where you can find a wide variety of free movies of all genres. In addition, it includes classic films from the golden age of cinema. That is, from the 40s to the 70s. This application is characterized by: not only includes movies, but also television programs and series. It has an alphabetical movie search engine, and no subscription is required.

Download QR-Code Movies Free - The best classic cinema Developer: Fractal Media Price: Free

Screaming factory

Also known as Shout Factory, it is considered the home of movies. Here you can find: cult, classic and B-side movies. Includes content such as TV shows, animations and music concerts live. It should be noted that this application has legally accessed the contents, obtaining the license with both networks and large studios.

Enter the Shout Factory website

Public Domain Movies Free

It is an app that works as a compiler of old movies, which turns them into public domain movies. The platform allows view and download them for free. In addition, we can find a long list of movies, for all tastes. It is important to bear in mind that the quality of these is variable.

Download QR-Code Public Domain Movies Free Developer: Simple Android Price: Free

The Criterion Channel

A website that functions as a network in the US It owns the rights to a number of films, both classic and contemporary of great relevance. In the portal we can find the selection of recommended films. They are arranged in a tab, which is called The Criterion Collection.

The collection is made up of around 1000 classic, Hollywood, international, artistic and independent films. In addition, you can find additional content, including interviews and discussions. But this service is not free. It has a cost of monthly or yearly access.

Enter The Criterion Channel

Oldies but Goldies

It is an Android application that offers a selection of classic movies for free. Its catalog is made up of more than one hundred films of the so-called "Classic Hollywood movie era". All the available options of this era are included between the year 1910 and the year 1969. In addition, an important detail is that, as this application is free, it is compatible with advertising. A detail to take into account before downloading.

Download QR-Code Old Movies - Oldies but Goldies Developer: Cast Tools Price: Free

Internet Archive

It is a website dedicated to demonstrating the essence of classic cinema. And it has focused on preserving films considered of great cultural value. But it is not only limited to this, since it has a varied content including photos, audio and even documents. Its catalog houses more than 22,000 available files.

Enter Internet Archive Movies

The Film Detective

It is characterized by being a web page, where the user can watch old movies, mostly in black and white. This page has two versions. The first is free where the user is obliged to see advertising. And one of payment, for a cost of about 4 euros per month. The content is quite varied and wide, being able to see old movies of all genres.

Enter Film Detective


It is a website based on classic cinema. It is specially designed for fans of this type of cinema. The selection of films has been made with the aim of "promoting and preserving the art and culture of cinema." Your catalog is made up of more than 4000 films. This is a payment option. To enjoy these movies on the web portal, the user must pay monthly or annually.

Enter Fandor


Although it is a subscription streaming service, here the user can enjoy a great deal for a fairly low price. variety of both classic and old movies. In recent years its catalog has been reduced due to the expiration of licenses, but it is renewed on a regular basis. One option to access the movie catalog and enjoy can be through the use of secret gender codes.

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