Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth-Q, the stabilizer that is succeeding in the network

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q is a mobile gimbal. What is a gimbal? Well, basically it is a gadget shaped like stick where we place our smartphone, and that performs the functions of an image stabilizer.

Thanks to this device we can make rotations and make stable recordings in the 3 axes, X, Y, Z, avoiding the classic dance of the camera derived from the bad pulse of the "artist".

Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth-Q in analysis, an interesting manual stabilizer for mobiles

The bad thing about this type of device is that they are usually almost indispensable if we make many recordings with our mobile phone when we go on a trip and the like, and we want to have some recordings as professional as possible, but I don't even tell you if you're a YouTuber or have a videoblog.

Design and finish of the Zhiyun Smooth-Q

The Smooth-Q gimbal features a sleek design and it has everything we can ask of a device of this type. On the front of the handle we find several control buttons and recording management:

  • A joystick.
  • "Mode" button.
  • REC (record) button.
  • Focus adjustment.

In the front area of ​​the handle is the grip, the place where we fit our smartphone, adjustable and compatible with 3.5 to 6 inch phones. The gimbal is charged through a USB port, and the battery lasts for 8-12 hours.

At the end of the handle we also find a small thread so we can attach a tripod to it in case of need. The entire device has a weight of 450gr and dimensions of 11.8 * 10.5 * 28.5cm.

The big point in favor of the Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal is that looks a lot like DJI's OSMO gimbals, but instead of being close to 300 euros that those are worth, they barely exceed 100. If we take into account that the quality and characteristics of this inexpensive gimbal are efficient, we already have a clear candidate for "recommendation of the week ”.

Technical characteristics of the Zhiyun Smooth-Q

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q has several functionalities that help to make a recording much more comfortable and with a more professional finish.

  • 360 ° panoramic angle.
  • Roll angle of ± 30 °.
  • Tilt angle of + 185 °, -135 °.
  • 5th generation Honeycomb core technology.
  • The motor has 40% higher performance and 30% faster response time than other motors in the Smooth line.
  • Supports maximum load of 220gr.
  • Micro USB port to charge the mobile on the go.
  • It supports maximum temperatures of 45 ° and minimum temperatures of -10 °.
  • Integrated 26,650mAh battery with a duration of up to 12 hours.

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q also has an app to synchronize the gimbal with the smartphone, with various functionalities, data and modes of use that work perfectly in general lines - quiet, the app is not in Chinese. Important.

What can we do with a gimbal like this?

This is the key point, right? With the Smooth-Q it is clear that we are going to achieve image stability that is difficult to achieve manually. But it is no longer just the question of the pulse, but the mechanical rotations and the ease of controlling the recording of an image or video from one of these gadgets.

It is a very useful tool if we are recording on the move, either walking or running., the gimbal stabilizes roll and vibration remarkably. We can use it in concerts, on walks in the mountains or any physical activity that involves a certain movement.

In these cases, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video won't even tell you.

You can take a look at the following video where we see the difference between recording while climbing stairs or running at a good pace, with the Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal and without it. The images speak for themselves.

The user community seems to be quite unanimous in this regard: this is a quality device in every way.

Price and availability

The Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal is priced at € 116.76 on TomTop, about $ 139 to change. As always, I also leave you a discount coupon for all those who are interested in getting this faultless stabilizer.


Price with coupon: 112.32 €

In short, we are facing a gimbal that is having a lot of pull (especially among YouTubers and vloggers), and not only because of its low price, but because of the good experience and results it delivers - you just have to take a look on the net to check it-.

If we are looking for an effective and quality stabilizer that fits our pocket, the Smooth-Q is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives today.

TomTop | Buy Zhiyun Smooth-Q gimbal

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