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Editing your documents saved in PDF format can be a challenge if you don't use suitable tools. Many are not only concerned with how cumbersome it can be, but also with the money to invest in acquiring the most appropriate software. An alternative is to use free online PDF editors.

This no longer has to be a limiting problem. A wide variety of options are currently available that they won't cost you a single euro. And they don't even need to be downloaded or installed on your computer. Let's talk about the best free online PDF editors that we bring to you.

Discovering the world of PDF editing

With great disappointment we have come to discover, and forcefully accept, that files in PDF format cannot be edited once created. Its main purpose is to have a read file, which can be easily shared and viewed without its content being able to be modified.

Thanks to this inconvenient limitation, a good number of programs have emerged specifically designed to edit this restricted format. These programs offer the user the possibility, among others, of delete text and impersonate it with new content, preserving the source format. That is, keeping the font size and color of the original text.

The options are very varied. Depending on the editing software you choose, you can have additional options such as including notes and comments, adding or removing pages, highlighting, underlining and striking out the text. If this is what you are looking for, let's see below what are the best options in free online PDF editors for you to do the choice that best suits your needs.

Comparing free online PDF editors

The great thing about these tools is that they do the job without the need for invest money in them, occupy space installation on your hard drive or, in some cases, force you to do a tedious information record staff before being able to resort to their duties. Among the best PDF editors of this type that you can take advantage of are:

PDF Buddy

This powerful online editing tool allows you the fabulous option of insert images to the text, a function that comes to complement with the addition of signatures, supplementary text, highlighting option and white correction on the content. Furthermore, this online editor incorporates the option of combining multiple PDF files into one or splitting them. You can also with this software create forms in this format, generating links that allow you to share and fill them in quickly and easily.

However, for some users the size of the resolution can have some disadvantages. The quality is very low so it can be an annoying inconvenience when working with large files.

Enter PDF Buddy


This other powerful online PDF editor can also be used for free. It has a very simple user interface, with which you can edit your files with great ease. In them you can include images, watermarks and superimposed text. Among many other features that this tool has are included:

  • Form filling, the thumbnail view of the pages of the document being edited.
  • Freedom of movement between the pages.
  • possibility of save your documents once the editing process of your PDF is finished.

As for its best advantages, there are the mobile function and the safety of work without loss. It gives you the alternative of integration with smart workspaces, such as Google and Dropbox. So it allows you to share your files and edit in multiple collaboration. On the other hand, its biggest flaw is still the low resolution, an aspect that we hope will improve in the future.

Enter DocHub

CutePDF Editor

Inspired by the cloud paradigm, CutePDF Editor offers an easy-to-edit platform. It includes the standard options for editing and converting PDF files, highlighting the insertion of comments. All within a reliable workplace safety framework. What's more, allows the printing of documents once the editing is finished.

Its greatest advantages offer the possibility of collecting data from forms, as well as the possibility of creating and modifying the latter. The privacy and security interface is excellent.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect with this free online PDF editor. Its disadvantages include the limitation on maximum file size (can only be uploaded to work 10MB), and the lack of advanced features to create PDF files.

Enter CutePDF Editor


100% reliable. Like the previous ones, this free online PDF document editing software offers the basic functions of inserting comments, and including and deleting text. But in addition, it allows you to use more versatile work options. It is possible to delete and rotate pages, split or merge PDF files. And finally, the converting Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents and images to PDF format.

Among the advantages of PDFzorro we have a good level of security for the protection of your work. It has a multiplatform editing option. PDF merge and edit job extension with Google Drive smart space is also possible.

For its part, some disadvantages are present with the use of this free online PDF editor. It should be noted the limitation of the size of the files, and the impossibility of selecting more than one page simultaneously.

Enter PDFzorro

Here are the best free online PDF editing tools. We hope it has helped you to choose the most convenient option. No more getting frustrated thinking about editing a PDF document. Open yourself to a new world with the best free online PDF editors, and let creativity be your limit.

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