Musixmatch recognizes and displays the lyrics of any song instantly!

Until just 3 months ago Musixmatch it was one of the best applications that came integrated into Spotify. And it was not for less, since you It allowed you to see on the screen the lyrics of the songs you were listening to with a simple click (the once famous button "Lyrics”). Althoughthe relationship between Spotify and Musixmatch has ended, we can still continue enjoying this wonderful app, but with a big change in between: Now the Musixmatch app recognizes and displays the lyrics of any song that is playing on the screen, both in your surroundings and on your smartphone. Amazing!

How is it able to show lyrics of songs that are playing right now?

We can say that the application always follows the same pattern:

  • First identify the song you are listening to, either through your music player or the microphone of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Play lyrics in sync to the beat of the music, and shows the translation even, if available.

MusixMatch Features

With this dynamic as a basis, MusixMatch offers 3 different functionalities:


The first thing you will see when you install MusixMatch on your Android or iPhone device will be its player function. It is a very simple music player with everything you need. Choose a song from your discography and in addition to playing it, you will be able to see the lyrics while the music is playing.

Identify letters

If you click on the drop-down menu on the left, you will be able to access the rest of the app options. The option of identify letters on the air”I think one of the best features of this app. Choose "Identify letters”And then click on the MusixMatch logo to activate listening.

Once the system recognizes the song, it will show you its corresponding lyrics in real time. A real pass. !Is he Shazam Of letters!


The last pearl of Musixmatch is FloatingLyrics, a "ball" that you will have on the screen and that will allow you display the lyrics of the songs you are listening to in any other player on your device.

Open a music app and hit play. You will see that the ball that we have just deployed begins to shake. Click on it and voilà! Once again, the lyrics of the song that is playing in the player (whatever it is) will be displayed.

Be careful here, the app recognizes even Asian Kung-Fu Generation

For the example screenshot I have used the player Momo and also Android serial player, and in both cases the application has identified and displayed the song perfectly. What's more, if you look at it, Musixmatch has even recognized a song in Japanese. I have tried songs in Japanese, in German ... and he doesn't miss a single one!

The overall assessment of Musixmatch could not be more positive. If you are a music lover, this app is a "must have" for your device.

Musicmatch has a 4.5 star rating and more of 10 million downloads on Google Play.

You can download Musixmatch for Android from the following link:

Download QR-Code Musixmatch - Music Player Lyrics Developer: Musixmatch Price: Free

If you are a user of ios you can also download it from here:

Download QR-Code Musixmatch Developer: musiXmatch srl Price: Free +

You can also enjoy Musixmatch from your PC at //

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