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In today's article we are going to review the various existing methods to enter a router from our Android device. Although the usual thing is to access the router from a desktop or laptop computer, many times for simple convenience it is more practical to do it from the mobile.

Eye! Today we are not going to try to decrypt the access key to a WiFi network from Android. The guidelines that we are going to review today will help us access the router to configure and so change the password to access the network, change the name of the wireless network (the SSID) etc., directly from Android.

That is, it is necessary be connected to the WiFi network of that router to be able to access it with the methods that we are going to see next. If we do not remember the access password but we have connected on some occasion before, we can get the password following the instructions mentioned in the post «How to get any WiFi password stored on Android«. Note: If you have a PC at home, you may also be interested in taking a look at the post «How to get the password from a WiFi using CMD commands«.

How to access the router or menu of the wifi modem through the Android browser

The classic access to the router, that of a lifetime, is done through an internet browser. You can use the one you use regularly. Once the browser is open, just type the IP address of the router in the address bar. Normally the IP address of the router is usually O well

Important: Some browsers do not support this type of connection. If you get an error from address not available, just try another browser. For this you can take a look at SHE IS READY where we mention some of the best web browsers for Android.

Once inside, a pop-up window will appear in which it will be enough to enter the username and password to access the router.

This password is not the same as the one we use to connect to the wireless network: it is the password to access the router's administration panel. By default it is usually a type key user: adminpassword: 1234 or similar.

Don't you know what the password of your router is? Don't worry, usually the key it is usually indicated on the router itself, on the back or on a sticker attached to it. If you have problems with the password, at the end of the post you will find a list with the most common access credentials according to the operator.

… And ready! Once the user and access password have been accepted, we can configure and make the changes we want in the router. From lock a device by MAC until change WiFi key, all from the browser.

How to access the router without knowing the IP address

Another problem that you may encounter is that you cannot get the IP address of the router. In that case, and if you don't want to be fussed over, all you have to do is install an app that will provide you with that information.

Router Setup Page is a free app whose sole objective is to bring you the router's IP address and take you to its login page. If you click on "Open router page" the browser will simply open with the router page. Simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier, yes, but effective at best.

Download QR-Code Router Setup Page - Set up your router! Developer: NevrGivApp Price: Free

If you are looking for an app that is a little more complete and that gives you more information, you can also use other applications such as IP Tools or FingReally good tools with more advanced functionalities for the management and administration of networks from mobile devices.

Download QR-Code IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer Developer: AmazingByte Price: Free Download QR-Code Fing - Network Scanner Developer: Fing Limited Price: Free

How to find the router's IP address without using third-party apps

If you prefer find out the router's IP address without installing any appYou can also do it from the settings menu of your WiFi connection. What do you need to access the router from your mobile to restart it or adjust any configuration? Try the following:

  • Enter the Android settings menu.
  • Navigate to «Networks and Internet -> WiFi»And select the network you are connected to.
  • In the details of the wifi network, click on the pencil icon which you will see at the top to edit the connection.

  • Displays the «Advanced Options»And scroll down to«IP settings«.
  • Choose "Static IP«.
  • You will see how a new set of values ​​is displayed. Among them you will see one that says «Gateway«, Which corresponds to the IP of the router or WiFi modem. There you have it!

If we have an old version of Android, the steps to follow change slightly.

  • Go into "Settings -> Wireless & networks -> WiFi«.
  • Now keep your finger pressed on the network to which you are connected and select «Modify network«.

  • From here the process is the same. We came in "Advanced Options -> IP Settings«, We select«Static IP»And we look at the IP address indicated in the« fieldGateway«.

Passwords to access the router

If you do not remember or have lost the password to access your routerMost internet operators provide this information in their respective forums. Here is a list of the most common users and passwords:

Movistar : User1234 password1234

Vodafone : Uservodafone passwordvodafone

Euskaltel : User"" (Leave the field empty) passwordadmin

OR NOT : Useradmin passwordadmin or1234

Jazztel : Useradmin passwordadmin

GTD : Useradmin passwordgtd_m4n.

SURE : Useradmin passwordTu64 $ TEL

VTR : Useradmin password password

Eltel : Useradmin passwordadmin //User admin password c1 @ r0

Pepephone : User admin passwordadmin //User 1234 password1234

Orange : User adminpassword admin

Masmovil : User masmovilpassword masmovil // User userpassworduser

Yoigo : User 1234 password1234

Amena : User adminpassword admin

Symio : User adminpassword admin

You : In the case of Tigo, the company has different passwords (see table) depending on the router model.

Source: Tigo official help website

Iusacell : User root password admin

Avantel : User (empty) password (empty)

Virgin mobile : User admin password change me // For Hub 3.0 unknown (comes in a label on the router itself).

Entel: User admin password admin

Kolbi : User customer password customer

How to change basic aspects of WiFi signal settings

Now that we are inside the configuration interface of our router, let's see how we can make some changes. In this case, we are going to use a Thomson router as an example. Almost all routers have a very similar interface, so as a sample it can be great to get an idea of ​​how they work.

Change the password of the WiFi network

To change the WiFi access password we must look for the section called «Wireless"Or"Wireless«. This is where the wireless signal settings are made.

Next, we must look for the configuration section of the primary WiFi network. In the case of the example, we will find it by clicking on «Primary Network«.

At this point, we can make several changes, such as the type of encryption (WPA / WPA-PSK / WPA2 etc.), the name of the network and so on. The password of the WiFi network is in the field «WPA Pre-Shared Key«, And we simply have to write a new password and click on the« buttonApply»To change the password.

Change the WiFi network name (SSID)

If what we want is change the name of the WiFi network, something highly recommended if the network still has the name established by default, the process is just as simple.

On the same screen where we have changed the password, we will find a field that indicates «Network Name (SSID)«. That is where we must change the default name of the WiFi network by the name that we want to put the network. To apply the changes, click on the button «Apply«.

As I mentioned a few paragraphs above, each router is different, but generally they all follow the same configuration guidelines. With these brief indications we should not have many problems to make all the adjustments that we see fit in our WiFi router.

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