How to join the Robinson List: Goodbye to phone spam!

For a couple of years I do not stop receiving commercial calls. Telephone advertising where they ask me to hire their services in a really insistent way. I usually choose not to pick up the phone, but that only serves to keep them calling systematically and on a daily basis.

The only thing that works is to talk to them and send them out for a fresh wind. Then they stop calling you for a while, although that does not save you from returning to "take out the heavy artillery" when they have a new offer. What can be doneto stop this type of phone harassment?

First Measure: Caller ID and Business Number Blocking

The first action we can take in this regard is start blocking phone numbers that they are making life impossible for us with advertising. This can help us when we have already received an advertising call.

We can still go one step further, e install a caller ID like TrueCaller. With this application, when we receive a commercial call, the name of the company will appear, with a spam label, on the screen. Thus, we can block that number, or directly reject the call, before I even pick up the phone.

This last method is perfect to evade calls from telephone companies and the like, which use a hidden number, or even different phone numbers to avoid being identified. But what if what we want is a definitive solution to the problem of telephone spam?

In such a case, what we have to do is sign up for the Robinson List.

What is the Robinson List?

The Robinson List is an advertising exclusion file managed by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (ADIGITAL). Enrollment in this list is free and becomes effective as of the third month after discharge. It works both with phone calls, as well as with email, postal mail or other means.

Thus, when a company is going to carry out an advertising campaign, it must consult the Robinson List to exclude registered persons from it - as indicated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Avoid giving your consent: prevention is better than cure

In principle, the theory seems easy and crystal clear. But we must bear in mind that this does not prevent companies to which we have given consent from bombarding us with advertising by land, sea and air.

In addition, companies can also send us advertising by email, WhatsApp or other means if there is a prior contractual relationship and the promoted product or service is similar.

In these situations, the advertiser is obliged to offer us a direct way to stop receiving this type of advertising. For example, if it is a newsletter or informative bulletin, we should find a link to unsubscribe within the same commercial email.

The best thing not to get into these types of games is avoid giving consent for them to use our data for advertising purposes. You know, when we sign up for a contest, offer or promotion. Or when we sign up for a service. Remember to always uncheck the box where our consent is requested for this type of activity.

How to join the Robinson List and stop receiving unwanted advertising

That said, the steps to register on the Robinson List would be the following:

  • We access the official website of the Robinson List.
  • We click on the button "Join the list”.

  • We select "Target myself”.

  • Next, we fill in the corresponding form with our personal data.
  • Once the registration is completed, we will receive an email to activate account. It is important that we read the email and click on the link "Confirm email" To continue with the process.

  • This link will take us to our Robinson List control panel. From here we can add postal addresses, email accounts, phone numbers and SMS.

From this point on, it is only a matter of indicating the phone number where we do not want to be bothered with advertising and spam again. The system allows you to attach more than one phone number.

Once we have added our number to the Robinson List, we will see that a new button appears in the management panel, "Call revocation”. From here we can ask companies of which we are already clients (or have been in the past) not to make advertising calls to us.

This usually comes from pearls to avoid all those calls from our old telephone companies, which do not stop calling us to contract with them again. They tend to be very insistent, and personally they are the ones that annoy me the most.

The Robinson List is respected by the majority of companies that do telemarketing, so, at least in Spain, today it is a really effective formula to get rid of this type of unwanted calls.

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