7 free to use video repositories and free footage banks

If you make videos for YouTube, you will know how important it is to have a good source of royalty free videos. When editing a video, whether for a platform like YouTube or for our own personal or commercial projects, it is essential to have a large bank of videos. Where can we legally download them from? That's what today's post is about, folks!

7 royalty-free video banks with free download

Over the months I have accumulated a small list of repositories with videos in HD and up to 4K with all kinds of themes. Landscape videos, urban videos, nature videos and even royalty-free film footage that we can use for our own creations.

All videos and files in the following repositories are from completely free download and no registration required. Almost all of them allow both personal and commercial use without the need for attribution - a few offer videos with a Creative Commons license and the like.


One of my favorite repositories. It does not require registration, it has various sizes and qualities for each video and has a search engine with a library of quite impressive footage. Allows you to create filters by category, resolution and effects (animation, slow motion or lap time). | Go to Pixabay

Pexels Videos

Along with Pixabay, another of the great video repositories. It also has a very useful search engine and a fairly important bank of videos, usually with a duration not exceeding one minute. | Go to Pexels


Videvo is another library with a large number of free-to-use stock videos. All the videos are divided into 2 categories: Motion graphics (computer graphics) or Footage (footage). It does not have as much wardrobe background as Pixabay or Pexels, but it is a good complement to these 2. | Go to Videvo


In addition to the always useful search engine, Videezy's free HD video repository is scrupulously ranked with hundreds of categories of diverse nature. Videos made with After Effects, aerial videos, animals, nature, art, abstract, slow motion and more. | Go to Videezy

Internet Archive

The ideal place to download old movie footage whose rights have expired. Next to each film, in addition to being able to play it online and download it, we have information about the type of license for the footage in question. It has almost 4 million movies. Impressive. | Go to Internet Archive


In Vidsplay we will find a large number of original content that we can download and use for free simply by adding a mention or link to Vidsplay. The only requirement that they ask from this website is that we use the footage to create value-added content - that is, we cannot download the video and sell it or use it "bareback" -. From there, free track. | Go to Vidsplay


Curated HD videos that we can download without limit for free, for both commercial and personal use. The administrators of the page upload 10 new videos every 10 days, so you can imagine that it is not as big a repository as others that we see in this list. Of course, the quality is well above average. | Go to Distill

Do you know of any other free video repository that deserves to be on the list? If so, do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments area, and I will be happy to add it to the list.

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