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The first time i tried Instagram it was using my android phone. However, I work a lot with my desktop computer, and after a few days it occurred to me to upload a photo from the PC. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a version for PC or Mac, or for browser, or anything like it. Can you upload photos to Instagram from a desktop computer then? Of course, but we will have to be a little more resourceful and find the chestnuts for ourselves. Let's go there!

How to upload photos to Instagram from a desktop PC

If we want to edit a photo with a professional tool before uploading it to Instagram, or for simple convenience, being able to do it from a computer is the most convenient.

To upload images to Instagram we will use an emulator for Android that will help us to overcome this barrier. A good option may be the application Bluestacks, but the truth is that we can use any other Android emulator for PC.

Here a list with the best Android emulators for PC.

Posting photos on Instagram with the Bluestacks method

To upload a photo to Instagram from PC with Bluestacks, we must follow the following steps:

  • We install and open the Bluestacks application for PC on our computer (download HERE).
  • We go to the Bluestacks application center and install Instagram.

  • We open Instagram and log in with our account.

  • Click on the add image icon. We will get a message indicating that "it cannot be connected to the camera". Click on "To accept”.

  • Now, in the upper drop-down we change "Gallery" by "Other”.
  • In the window of "Open from"We select"Choose from Windows”And we choose the photo we want to upload.

  • We cut the image, edit it, add filters and click "Next”. We add the corresponding labels and description and click on "Share”.

It's that easy and that simple. Android emulators are used for much more than just playing simple games and having fun for a while. We can also upload photos to Instagram from the PC without any complications!

Note: Instagram has its own application for Windows, but unfortunately it only allows uploading images taken with the webcam. If we want to upload an image that we have edited or retouched, the most practical thing is to use an application such as the aforementioned Bluestacks or any other Android emulator for PC.

How to upload photos to Instagram from Mac and Linux

If we have a Mac we can also use the Mac version of Bluestacks, or try some other emulator for Android like Genymotion or Andyroid. Andyroid, by the way, is also available for computers running under a Linux distribution.

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