How to change the hard drive of a laptop (Video tutorials)

Many people, when they want to change the hard drive of their laptop, tend to think that they must be very delicate when considering laptops something like "black boxes" that cannot be touched. Nothing is further from reality.Changing the hard drive of a laptop is much easier than changing the one of a desktop computer. Why? Well, because laptops usually have the hard drive in a compartment for him alone, and unscrewing the corresponding cover is usually enough to access it.

From here you just have to pull it a little and free it from the connectors that connect it to the rest of the laptop. If you want to put a new hard drive later, you just have to connect it and that's it! Of course, always remember that changing the hard disk of a laptop or PC implies having to install the operating system again so that the system recognizes all the hardware properly.

How to change the hard drive of a laptop: Step by step

In these cases it is usually best to see it graphically. In the following Video Tutorials you can see how to change the hard drive of a laptop from some of the most popular brands: Toshiba, Dell and HP. If your model is another, I have also added a generic tutorial that can be used to change the hard drive of any laptop, like that in general.

Replace Toshiba laptop hard drive

Change Dell laptop hard drive

Change HP laptop hard drive

Change Asus laptop hard drive


Change Acer laptop hard drive

Change Generic Laptop hard drive

All these videos are taken from the YouTube channels of John Harvey, The PaintballParadise, Tomahawk DIY, westerndigitalmea, Angel Andres Duro and Juan García so if you liked them, take a look at the rest of their videos. There are some really interesting ones.

How to change a laptop's hard drive without losing data

This is a very good question. «How can I change my laptop's hard drive without losing my data? ' If we install a new storage disk it will be clean and we will need to transfer all our data to the new disk. If the new hard disk is going to be the same as the one we already had and we are not going to make any additional changes to the computer, we can make a clone of the old disk before changing it and then "iron" the new hard disk with the image of the hard disk previous. On this tutorial from ComputerHoy you have all the steps explained in detail.

If you don't want to complicate your life more, my recommendation is that before changing the laptop's hard drive simply make a backup of all your files on an external storage disk or on a USB memory and when you make the disk change, reinstall the operating system and copy your personal files. Personal files are always stored in the same folders, which are your user profile folders (in case you use Windows). The most common folders are usually the «downloads«, «Documents«, «Desk«, «Favorites«(If you use Edge or Internet Explorer),«Images" and "Music«.

If I change the hard drive of a laptop, will I lose the warranty?

At first you can change the hard drive of a laptop without losing the warranty. You can change both the hard disk and the RAM memory and the warranty would be maintained, BUT it is advisable to save the hard disk without formatting in case the customer service or repair service asks you to reassemble it and you have it. To send. For the rest, both Apple and other companies such as HP and the like allow the replacement of the hard disk while keeping the warranty intact.

What can I do with the old hard drive?

If the hard drive you just replaced is not very cracked, you can still reuse it and convert it, for example, into an external hard drive that works via USB connection. Although the disk has a problem and is not used to run an operating system on it, it can perfectly serve as a storage unit. Here is a tutorial where you can see how to convert a hard drive into an external hard drive. Too easy!

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