27 new free apps that you should not lose sight of

Hi friends! This Wednesday we will take the opportunity to take a look at the new free applications and games for Android that have appeared in the Google Play Store during the last month. All the applications we mentioned have a rating of more than 4 stars and are completely free.

The truth is that they are not revolutionary applications that will discover gunpowder, but some can certainly be of some interest to more than one. Judge it for yourselves. Regarding the recently released games, we see that there are several interesting titles, but also a lot of savvy that tries to take advantage of the success of other popular games such as Fall Guys or Archero. What is clear is that no one here is resting on their laurels!


That said, let's go into detail and see a little more in depth what these new applications consist of.

    • Lefties - Clothes and accessories for the whole family: App to buy clothes developed by Inditex (Zara). Discover the latest trends for women, men, children, babies, footwear, accessories and editorials with all the trends of the season. | Download on Google Play
    • Recover deleted messages: Application to restore and recover deleted SMS messages, photos and videos. Download on Google Play
    • Logify: An application that alerts us when our WhatsApp contacts change their status (online, offline). | Download on Google Play
    • ShoreView: Nautical guide with Augmented Reality to locate you in the sea and explore the coast. | Download on Google Play
    • Woof & Meow Translator: Application to pass the time that works as a translator between the language of humans and that of dogs / cats. | Download on Google Play
    • SafeMapp: Security application based on geolocation dedicated to preventing attacks and crimes on public roads by sending an alarm signal. | Download on Google Play
    • Pórtico de la Gloria SC: Application dedicated to the Pórtico de la Gloria of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, with superzoom thanks to the gigapixel resolution. Includes audio tour and narratives. | Download on Google Play
    • Weather Radar Live: Tool to know the live weather forecast, trends and meteorological radar. | Download on Google Play
    • SuccessFactors
    • Pic Likes Up: Photo editor to add TV-shaped frames. Become a TV star (figuratively, obviously). | Download on Google Play
    • SocialValue: App to calculate how much money your social media accounts are worth. | Download on Google Play
    • PicGrate - Photo Collage Maker: Photo editor and collages. | Download on Google Play
    • Private Photo Gallery: Gallery app to view and save your multimedia files. Allows you to protect private files by PIN or password. | Download on Google Play
    • Naruto stickers on Whatsapp - Dattebayo: As its name suggests, this is a collection of Naruto stickers for WhatsApp. | Download on Google Play
    • Meditation, Sleep and Relaxation App: Meditation application to reduce stress. | Download on Google Play
    • VivaVideo Lite: Simple video editor for Android. | Download on Google Play


We now go with the best rated games that have hit the Android application store in recent weeks.

  • Fall Dudes 3D: Early access to a rather exaggerated copy of the hit Fall Guys but in a mobile version. | Download on Google Play
  • Zombie: A rather unsubtle copy of another hit game, in this case Archero. | Download on Google Play
  • Fireboy & Watergirl Adventure Game: A very cute action and adventure game where we have to help fireboy and watergirl to find their way out of the temple. | Download on Google Play
  • Otherworld Legends: Action RPG title with retro graphics that fit like a glove. If you like this type of game you should definitely give it a try. | Download on Google Play
  • Staff! - Job Game: Real life simulator where we have to perform various jobs. | Download on Google Play
  • Asked cars: Trivial question and answer game with over 2 million user-generated questions. Hit to get closer to the goal before anyone else. | Download on Google Play
  • Slingshot Stunt Driver: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to launch a car from a giant slingshot? Check! | Download on Google Play
  • Emoji Puzzle !: Connect emoticons from different blocks by association. A simple but original game, and more difficult than it seems! | Download on Google Play
  • Little Dentist: Put yourself in the shoes of a dentist and help sanitize your patients' mouths. | Download on Google Play
  • Block Sudoku: Puzzle game where we must fill in blocks in a horizontal or vertical line to erase them. | Download on Google Play
  • Archer Hero 3D: As its name suggests, a game where we must handle the bow and hit the enemies in a three-dimensional environment. | Download on Google Play
  • Lord of Heroes: RPG game with really striking graphics. | Download on Google Play

And that's all! If you know other games and applications that have been released recently and are worth it, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.

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