72 NASA posters to download and print in full resolution

Have you ever thought about traveling to another planet or seeing Earth from space? Are you a fan of astronomy and freak out in color every time NASA publishes a new screenshot of the Milky Way? If any of these answers is affirmative, then surely you are interested in the post that we bring today.

Recently, the POT has made available to the public a collection of 72 downloadable slides with photographs and images of all the planets that make up the solar system, as well as some moons and other celestial bodies in our galactic neighborhood.

72 original plates designed by NASA to download and print in poster format

This same week, NASA has just announced that it has released all its image, video and audio files for all those interested in admiring and exploring the wonders of our universe. An archive open to the public with literally thousands of images and videos of nebulae, various missions, galaxies, and a multitude of stellar bodies. In total, more than 140,000 files that include research and discoveries made throughout its history, such as photographs of Apollo 11 or the dark side of the Moon. There is nothing.

Likewise, the US space agency has recalled that it also has a collection of 72 posters of our solar system and surroundings, that we can download and print to decorate our room, office or office.

Some of the posters that make up the collection | Images: NASA

The NASA website offers several download options. We can download the images both individually and in batch, in JPG, TIFF or PDF format. All the sheets come in ZIP format, with 2 files inside: one with the front of the poster and the other with the back of it (where we find information related to the object that appears in the image).

The JPG images have a resolution of 3,300 x 5,100 pixels, and as recommended by NASA the ideal print format is 11 x 17 inch paper (standard tabloid size). Also mention that if we want to print the poster with the highest possible quality, it is recommended to download the files in TIFF format.

We can access and download the 72 plates, without the need for registration and totally free from the official NASA website, through the following LINK.

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