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After the Christmas feasts, it occurs to all of us to start exercising. It is one of those purposes that we make ourselves every year, but that we do not always fulfill. Lazy androids like me excuse ourselves by saying that the gym is too far, or that the weather is bad to go outside to play sports.

A good idea to avoid this is to burn a few calories directly in the comfort of our home. As they say, "if the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain." In today's post we review the 10 best free Android applications for exercise and get fit from home.

The 10 best applications to exercise and lose weight without leaving home

The apps to get in shape present in the Android Play Store cover all kinds of spectra. Today we find a good handful of applications based on fat burning methods and home exercise routines that have become really popular.

7 minute workout

A good application to lose weight from home is the 7 minute method. The proposal of this app is to do daily exercise sessions with a maximum duration of 7 minutes. We simply have to follow the directions of a voice that dictates what we have to do at all times, with preparation and rest times included.

It is a training based on the HICT (high intensity circuit training), which helps strengthen abs and lose weight. Personally, I have tried it and I can assure you that it is quite hard at the beginning, especially if we have not played sports for a long time. In any case, a highly recommended app. It's compatible with Google fit.

Download 7 Minute QR-Code Training Developer: Simple Design Ltd. Price: Free

Exercises at home - Workouts without equipment

The guild's most downloaded and highest rated apps with more than 50 million installs and a 4.8 star rating. Like the 7-minute workout, it does not require equipment and all exercises can be performed only with our body weight.

Includes warm-up and stretching routines, with exercises for abs, chest, legs, arms, buttocks and whole body. All this with different levels of intensity. In addition, the application is responsible for recording progress and generating graphs to keep track of weight.

Download QR-Code Workouts at Home - Workouts Without Equipment Developer: Leap Fitness Group Price: Free

Female Fitness: Workout for Women

Android also has a large number of applications specialized in training for women. The Women's Fitness app features 7-minute exercises to target specific areas such as glutes, abs, and legs.

It has various levels of intensity, morning stretching routines, eating tips and charts to keep track of the weight we are losing.

Download QR-Code Female Fitness: Training for Women Developer: Leap Fitness Group Price: Free


So far we have reviewed apps that we can use without any equipment. But if we have weights and machinery at home or we combine home sessions with visits to the gym, then we should take a look at JEFIT.

This award-winning personal trainer app offers weekly workouts, over 1,300 demos, and videos with various types of programs. 5x5, 531, heavy lifts, 3-4 day splits, powerlifting, kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, machine, cable, band, and more.

Download QR-Code JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App Developer: Jefit Inc. Price: Free

Home workout for men: Bodybuilding

This application developed by Simple Design offers aerobic routines to tone and strengthen muscles. It has 21 levels of training for each part of the body: chest, arms, abs, legs, shoulders and back workouts. Does not require equipment.

For each exercise there is an instruction guide, with animations and video so as not to get lost. It also allows us to customize routines and keep track of progress and weight trends, like most apps of this type.

Download QR-Code Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding Developer: Simple Design Ltd. Price: Free

Exercises at home

This other Simple Design application puts aside the muscles to focus on users a little more casual, with executions for both men and women. A good tool to lose weight and get in shape. It has 10 work routines:

  • Classic Full Body in 7 minutes
  • Tone abs in 5 minutes
  • Slender Legs in 7 Minutes
  • Sexy Arms in 7 Minutes
  • Tighten Ass in 7 Minutes
  • Upper part of the body
  • Lower body
  • Whole body
  • Strengthen the Body I
  • Strengthen the Body II

It also has warm-up and stretching exercises.

Download QR-Code Exercises at home - Diet and personal trainer Developer: Simple Design Ltd. Price: Free

21 day challenge

They say it takes 21 days for an activity to become a habit. Taking this belief as a premise, this application of home exercises to lose weight offers up to 50 exercises of all kinds with 3 levels of difficulty (light, medium and heavy).

The goal is to perform these exercises for 21 days, accompanying fitness with recommended diets to help lose weight.

Download QR-Code 21 Day Challenge - Lose Weight Developer: Fit apps Price: Free

Lose belly fat in 30 days: flat stomach

This free Android application with such a specific name presents training plans for remove the tummy and get a flat stomach. It offers short exercises to eliminate abdominal fat without the need for equipment, so we can do them quietly from home.

The application proposes routines of 10 minutes, with 3 levels of difficulty and daily monitoring of calories burned. It has an astonishing 4.9 star rating on Google Play and over 10 million downloads.

Download QR-Code Lose Belly Fat at Home: Flat Stomach Developer: Leap Fitness Group Price: Free

Fitness Challenge: Workout Routines at Home

The difference of Reto Fitness with the rest that we are commenting on is that it is oriented to offer personalized workouts. It allows you to set daily challenges, create your own exercise table and a calendar to monitor progress.

It has the typical 7-minute exercises, abdominals, buttocks and legs. It incorporates a stopwatch with voice and videos with instructions.

Download QR-Code Home Training Routines Developer: despDev Price: Free

Slim NOW 2019

Slim NOW is a female fitness app with a lot of weight loss routines. It features flexibility workouts, stretching, daily yoga routines, and exercises in 7-minute sets. All this with an elaborate meal plan to complement the exercise carried out and to lose weight in a healthy way in a period of 30 days.

Download QR-Code Slim NOW 2019 - Exercises at home Developer: Viral Video Fans Price: Free

If you know of any other app to exercise at home, do not hesitate to share it in the comments area.

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