LKBL, the app that tells you how handsome you are and how good you are

The day had to come. The day when we take advantage of the artificial intelligence of machines for something more than to do computations and scientific things that lead nowhere. The day when a machine - or an app, in this case - can tell us if we are handsome or ugly in a statistical and "neutral" way.

LKBL, the beauty meter that tells you how handsome you are from 1 to 10

LKBL is an app that landed on Android about a couple of months ago, and its objective is to calculate our level of beauty based on current beauty standards. LKBL's advanced AI (likeable) measures a person's beauty taking as an example the scores of millions of people on various social networks.

That is, it takes into account things like lighting and all kinds of factors before giving us a score, but I assure you that here what really matters is the face you put when taking the photo.

In addition to doing an analysis of our face, we have a couple more modes: the "full body" mode and the "couple" mode.

I have been testing and at the beginning I have obtained a bad score, but as I was smiling more and more and making more of a crazy face, the points were going up little by little. It's the only thing that's worked for me, damn it.

Download QR-Code Laikable - The Beauty Meter Developer: LKBL Price: Free

Let's see if you guys have more luck! What has been your best score?

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