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When you have been reviewing the Netflix catalog for several weeks, there comes a time when you no longer know which series or movie to watch. The application always usually recommends new things according to your previous views, but in the end you end up having the feeling that you have already seen everything, even if deep down you suspect that there is still much more content to discover.

A couple of months ago Netflix added a new button on the playback page of each video called "Similar", with which we can quickly access new suggestions that could arouse our interest, but in many cases we end up circling about the same series, documentaries and movies of always.

Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Here are 5 tips to discover new things

It is clear that the Netflix catalog is simply overwhelming, therefore, when we reach a point where we believe that we have already seen everything, it is usually advisable to go to external sources, beyond the suggestions that the streaming application throws at us. .

Netflix secret codes

A good way to discover new things is to make use of the "hidden" codes of the platform. This is not a well-known hack, but Netflix has a list of numeric codes that we can insert in the browser to access all the hidden categories and subcategories of the service, through the following URL (where XXX corresponds to the numerical code of each category):


For example, if we want to see all the action comedies available on Netflix we have to use the code "43040", so that the URL would be like this:


Horror movies and sea creatures are accessible by code 45028, American football movies are served by code 12803, and so on. You can see the complete list in detail, with the more than 200 subcategories available in THIS POST. We are sure to come across some novelty or pleasant surprise along the way.

News channel on Telegram

Another very interesting way to know all the news that are published on the platform (and not only those that Netflix decides to show us according to its selective criteria). The Telegram channel "Series Netflix ES" constantly publishes all the premiere series that are added to the platform, showing an information sheet with each new title with synopsis, trailers, genre, Filmaffinity and IMDB ratings, etc.

Currently the team that is in charge of maintaining the channel also has another space in Telegram dedicated to movie premieres, we attach the link of both right here below.

Enter the channel [Series] Netflix ES (Telegram)

Enter the channel [Cinema] Netflix ES (Telegram)

Spoiler Time

Spoiler Time is a website about movies and series that, in addition to keeping us up to date with a lot of news about productions from Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and others, also has a very interesting tool. It is a ranking where we can filter the series and movies according to their genre and the platform on which they are broadcast.

In this way, we only have to activate the Netflix box, select a genre, and the Spoiler Time website will automatically show us a list of titles classified according to their score. Perfect for discovering quality content that may have gone unnoticed.

Visit series ranking

The 45 best Netflix series according to Esquire

The prestigious American magazine Esquire has just published in its digital Spanish edition a list of the best serialized productions of the famous streaming company.

The list includes well-known titles such as Black Mirror or The Witcher, but also series that are a little less popular or that did not reach the public as much, and that also treasure quality in abundance, such as Maniac. The order of the ranking may not be to everyone's taste, but it is certainly a must-have list of titles that every new subscriber should take a look at.

Check Esquire list

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Netflix community managers are almost from another planet. Their publications are original and they always have some sparkling idea with which to announce the company's latest premiere, so following any of their accounts on Twitter or Instagram is not only informative, but extremely fun on many occasions. Do you remember the campaign they did to announce the 3rd season of Narcos? Epic.

Twitter Netflix Spain

Instagram Netflix Spain

Facebook Netflix Spain

Do you know any other interesting source of information to discover new series and movies on Netflix? If so, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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