City of Brass (EpicGames) and Obduction (GOG) free for a limited time

Periodically, the Epic Games Store, the virtual store of the creators of Fortnite, presents games on sale that we can download completely free of charge. This week we got a really interesting title calledCity of Brass.

What's City of Brass about?

City of Brass is a first-person action adventure inspired by the story of One Thousand and One Nights, developed by the creators of Bioshock. In the game we will control an intrepid thief armed with a scimitar and a whip with which we can grab, knock down, disarm, stun or destroy.

We will also have to whip, slice, attract and trap hordes of the undead to reach the exit of each level before the sands of time run out, collecting treasures to obtain improvements in our weapons and armor.

To be able to download this game valued at € 15.99 for free and be able to play some games on our computer we only need an Epic Games account.

Epic Games Store | Download City of Brass for free

In addition to City of Brass, if we are GOG users, this week we also have an Obduction promotion, which we can add to our library at no cost for the next 2 days (until June 1 1PM UTC).

What is Obduction about?

Obduction is a sci-fy adventure developed by Cyan, the indie studio behind Myst. While we are taking a walk on the lake on a cloudy night, a strange artifact falls from the sky, and transports us through the universe. We find ourselves in an alien environment with strange times and places belonging to Earth.

The strange world of Obduction reveals its secrets as we explore, discover and take note of the clues we come across along the way. A beauty of enigmatic landscapes that reminds us that the decisions we make have substantial consequences on the evolution of history.

To be able to download Obduction for free, we just have to enter GOG through the following link.

GOG | Download Obduction for free

Once we are inside, click on «Go to giveaway». On this new screen, we look for the Obduction promotion banner and click on the green button that says "GET IT FREE".

This way, the game will be added to our GOG library.

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