How to find contacts that you do not have in your mobile phone book

The application of Google Contacts it's getting quite a few updates in the last few months. The dark theme was recently added, in line with many other Android applications such as Chrome or Gmail. However, the new functionality that has been incorporated into the contacts application recently is not far behind, since it allows us to locate and add contacts that we do not have in the phone book.

This is a feature that Google has exported from its Gmail email application, and it basically consists of showing a record of all those people we have had some email exchange, but we have never gotten to put them on the agenda.

A function that can be really useful if we want to enrich our calendar with old, forgotten contacts, or simply people who fell behind and never heard from again.

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How to see contacts that we do not have in the calendar from the Google Contacts app

To see the list of all these contacts, just make a couple of clicks.

  • We open the web version of Google Contacts (//
  • In the side menu click on "Other contacts”.
  • Here we will find a record with all the contacts that we never saved in the past.
  • To add any of these contacts to our mobile phone book, we just have to select the contact in question and click on the add icon (+).

  • Automatically, if we open the phone book, we will see how that contact already appears in the list along with the rest of the entries.

It is important to mention that here we will not see phone numbers with which we have had a conversation in the past -for that we will have to use an app like TrueCaller-, although if any of the emails has an associated contact phone, this will also be added to the schedule.

In any case, it is still a way to give the user access, or merge in a certain way, the Gmail contact list with the phone book, so that we can decide whether to send an email or make a call, everything from the same application.

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