How to watch MotoGP for free and live (legally)

The 2020 MotoGP calendar officially kicks off with the Qatari GP on March 8, although on February 7 we will already be able to enjoy the Sepang Official Test (the third after the Valencia and Jerez tests in November last year. ). If you are a motorcyclist and do not want to miss any race, then we review all the methods available to see the MotoGP online and live legally.

4 ways to watch the MotoGP World Championship live (and for free, in some cases)

After analyzing all the alternatives at our disposal, we have made a compilation with all the legal options to follow this season's Grand Prix live. As you already know, we are not very fond of pirate broadcasts, and although the motorcycle world championship is a tournament that moves millions of euros, the truth is that in some cases we will even be able to enjoy it for free.

One month of MotoGP free with DAZN

Just like last year, DAZN has been the one who has obtained the emission rights of the MotoGP championship in Spain. Although the subscription to the streaming platform is priced at € 9.99 per month, it currently offers a free trial month that we can take advantage of to see the Grand Prix of a few circuits without paying a penny.

Download QR-Code DAZN: Live Sports Developer: DAZN Price: Free

The world championship does not end until the Valencia GP appointment on November 15, but if we can get another member of the family or roommate to hire the test month, we will be able to see several races "for the cap". From there, we can pay the service month by month or hire the entire year that is a little cheaper, at € 99.99.

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Another month of free trial with the official MotoGP app (VideoPass)

The official MotoGP website also offers a live and on-demand video service called VideoPass. It is available online from the browser and on mobile devices through the official MotoGP app.

Download QR-Code MotoGP ™ Developer: Dorna Sports S.L. Price: Free

Hiring the entire 2020 season has a price of 139.99 euros, although like DAZN, VideoPass also offers a free trial month. If we chain it with the free month of DAZN we can see a good number of races, but we have to be careful, since the service is renewed automatically.

Notice: VideoPass free trial month is not available in some countries like Spain. We can overcome the geolocated blockade by using a VPN connection and connecting to a server in another country, such as the USA. For this, we can use a free VPN service such as Windscribe.

Follow the 2020 MotoGP championship from ESPN

In other countries like Argentina, Mexico, chili and Colombia the operator that has the broadcasting rights is the channel ESPN. It is a cable television service, so we will have to contract the corresponding package broadcast by said TV channel (ESPN Deportes).

On the other hand, if the only thing that interests us is the MotoGP 2020 we can also hire ESPN + separately, which will not give access to a multitude of live events for a price that is hard to beat $ 4.99 per month. It is not free, but it is a fairly inexpensive solution.

Enter ESPN +

Mediaset could broadcast live some MotoGP 2020 races

To the surprise of many, last year Mediaset (Cuatro, Tele5) and TV3 reached an agreement with DAZN and broadcast some MotoGP races in the open. For this season we still have not had any confirmation - they have not denied it either - but it would not be unreasonable to think that a similar situation will happen again.

In this case, we would only have to download the MiTele (or TV3) app for mobile devices, from where we could follow the competition live for free.

Download QR-Code Mitele - TV on demand Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free Download QR-Code TV3 Developer: Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, SA Price: Free

Today this alternative is little more than a toast to the sun (normally these types of agreements are usually announced by surprise), but it is convenient to be attentive to possible news that may arrive from Mediaset and Catalan television.

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In short, if we manage to chain a couple of months of testing with DAZN and VideoPass, we convince a family member to do the same and we are also attentive to what Tele5 and TV3 can broadcast, we could have half the competition without paying anything at all. From there, it would all be a matter of subscribing the odd month to DAZN or ESPN, which would come out at a much more affordable price.

Top image: Best shots of MotoGP Gran Premio Motul

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