How to disable notifications for a specific app on Android

In this small minitutorial we are going to review a function that, not because it is simple, ceases to have “his that”, so it should be kept fresh in memory –of our brain, not of mobile-. We talk about how to disable notifications for a specific app on Android.

How to disable app notifications from Android settings

To disable notifications manually and individually we must scroll to the Android settings menu. Let's go until "Device"And click on"Notifications”.

Once we are in the notification settings, we will see a list of all the apps that we have installed on the device.

Here if we want we can do an initial filter to show only:

  • Applications blocked.
  • Muted apps.
  • No sensitive data on the lock screen.
  • Hidden on the lock screen.
  • Priority applications.

In any case, if what we want is to have a global vision, we will leave the filter as it is, in "All applications".

4 notification settings available for each app

To disable notifications for a specific app, we just have to select the app in question and activate the "Block all" tab.

In any case, Android also allows other types of more detailed adjustments to be made in this regard.

  • Block all: Never show app notifications.
  • Show silently: Does not make sounds, vibrate or show notifications on the current screen.
  • On the lock screen: Here we can choose between not showing any notifications or hiding only sensitive notifications when the screen is locked.
  • Prioritize: This setting allows notifications to not be blocked when the "Do not disturb" option is set to the "Priority only" option.

At any time, if we want return to default notification settings system, we will only have to click on the drop-down menu located in the upper right margin and select "Reset preferences".

Finally, we can also perform a global setting for all apps to prevent notifications from being displayed on the lock screen. This setting can be found in the gear icon on the notification settings screen.

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