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As much as the creator of this game for Android tries, There is no game SI is a game. As it reads Kamizoto, the father of the creature, "There is no game. There's nothing to do. Do not touch anything. Really, don't touch ANYTHING”. This is how the beginning of this adventure appears: an empty stage in which a voice-over confirms the absence of play.

But just because there is no play does not mean that there is no fun. Or not. What madness is this?

There is no game: Game mechanics

In reality, we are faced with a game of strategy, or rather intelligence, in which the absence of a real game It is the main leitmotif for its development. We will have to touch things, break them or move them from place, something that will terribly irritate the voice-over of There is no game.

The truth is that for such a simple game it is terribly satisfying. Never have so few resources been given for such ingenious experiences. Each new interaction, each new challenge, works perfectly within the logic of the game, and although it is a relatively short adventure it manages to leave us satisfied.

It's a thinking game, one of those to hit the coconut. The best way to explain what it is like is by inviting you to play it yourself. Unfortunately it's totally in english, so you will have to pull the dictionary if you miss a word.

There is no game is a free game for Android, with more than half a million downloads and highly rated by the Google Play community. An entertaining game, with a sense of humor, and in short, a great game to have a good time and put our intellect to the test.

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