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Sometimes the body asks us for a change of scenery, renewal, and nothing better than changing the font or typeface of our Android system to give a bit of personality and life to the matter. A font can be very creative or clever, but if it's not readable or just plain ugly it can completely ruin the user experience.

On this we will all agree: whether it is an app or the font of the whole system, the typography must be clear and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, today we will focus on a very simple method that does not require administrator or root permissions to change the default font of our Android device. It couldn't be easier!

Change font from the settings menu

If you want to change fonts, before you start looking for new fonts or apps, take a look at the settings of your phone or tablet. Go to "Settings -> Themes -> Fonts”(Or“Settings -> Display -> Font type«) And you will be able to check if your device has any other additional source installed that may interest you.

In Android 10, for example, (for this test we have used a Pixel 3a) we can change the default font from the settings menu in «Display -> Styles and Wallpapers«. Here we will find 4 default styles, although we also have the possibility of creating our own custom style by clicking on the "+" button. There are only four fonts to choose from, although depending on what we are looking for it may be more than enough.

It should be clarified that depending on the customization layer of our Android, it is possible that we do not have access to the management of fonts in a native way (this is usually the case on most mobiles, except for honorable exceptions in brands such as Samsung, HTC or LG). In this case, we must apply one of the following alternatives.

Shhh ... a secret: If you have installed LineageOS orCyanogenMod on your device You can click on "Get more" to go directly to Google Play and access a very complete list of topics and sources for your system.

The easiest way to change fonts is to install a Launcher

If we do not have root permissions, changing the font can be quite an odyssey, since most apps to download and install fonts require the said administrator permissions.

The easiest and most direct method to change sources without root is to install a launcher. These types of apps do not require root, and in addition to having a huge range of customization options, many of them allow you to change fonts without major problem.

In this case we are going to use the GO Laucher app. Once installed we will «GO settings -> Source -> Select source»And click on«Explore Source«. In this way, the system will search the internal memory for any type of font available. Simply select the desired font for the change to take effect instantly.

Download QR-Code GO Launcher EX: Theme and Background Developer: GOMO Live Price: Free

GO Launcher It is a super popular launcher (it has more than 100 million installations), but it is not the only one that allows you to do this type of thing. If you want to know some of the best launchers for Android, do not hesitate to go through our top selection of the best launchers for Android.

Apex, an interesting alternative to change fonts

Apex Launcher is another of those launchers that allows us to change the font without too many complications. Of course, we will have to change it from 3 different places.

1- If we want to change the font that appears on the home screen, we have to open the Apex configuration settings and go to «Home screen -> Layout & Style»And click on«Icon font«.

2- We can do the same with the sources of the application drawer from «Apex Settings -> App Drawer -> Drawer Layout & Icons«.

3- Finally, we can also change the font used in the folders from «Apex Settings -> Folder -> Icon Font ».

Download QR-Code Apex Launcher - Custom, Protect, Efficient Developer: Android Does Team Price: Free

Action Launcher

Another very interesting launcher that allows us to make this type of change is Action Launcher (based on the Google Pixel interface). We just have to enter the configuration settings of the launcher, go to «Appearance -> Fonts»And choose any of the available fonts. There are not many: the typical system fonts and some more, although considering how easy it is to use it can be a fairly quick and effective solution.

Download QR-Code Action Launcher Developer: Action Launcher Price: Free

Smart Launcher 5

With this launcher we will also have the option to customize the fonts that are shown in the interface and in the system. Once we have downloaded and installed the application, we will «General Appearance -> Font»And we choose the font that we like the most. It has a fairly wide selection: it is not to throw rockets, but at least it is great news if we are looking for a very specific style of letter that we cannot find in other competing launchers.

Download QR-Code Smart Launcher 5 Developer: Smart Launcher Team Price: Free

Change or install a font on Android with iFont

One of the most popular font apps is the app iFont, which will allow you to change fonts quickly and with a large selection of free fonts to choose from. The bad thing about iFont is that only works without root on Samsung, Xiaomi (MIUI), Meizu and Hauwei phones. For the rest of the terminals we will need root permissions.

Download QR-Code iFont (Expert of Fonts) Developer: diyun Price: Free

To install a font from iFont you just have to choose the font you want to apply from the wide list of available fonts and click on the "Download”.

Once downloaded select "Apply”. Next, a new system window will open in which we will have confirm font installation and then apply font change.

The result of the change will be applied to all desktop icons, menus, notifications and any application that uses the system font, such as WhatsApp.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy device? Use FlipFont!

Samsung Galaxy devices come standard with an application to add new fonts to your terminal. This app is called FlipFont, and in Google Play there are many apps compatible with this exclusive functionality of the Galaxy.

Go to Google Play and type "FlipFont" in the search box. You will see how there are dozens of apps to choose from. Here is a brief selection of the most downloaded:

Fonts for FlipFont | Download on Google Play

It's important to put attention on these types of apps only change the system font. That is, if we want to add a new source for office automation apps (word processors or spreadsheets) we will have to use other methods, which this time will, will require root permissions.

Another alternative that does not require root: install a keyboard with different fonts

If what we want is change only the font of the texts we write In apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Keep or any other application, we can also solve it without the need for root.

Simply install a virtual keyboard that have different fonts, as is the case with the Bobble keyboard.

Download QR-Code Bobble Keyboard ❤️GIF, Emojis, Fonts & Themes Developer: Bobble AI Technologies Price: Free

Booble offers a score of fonts that we can apply to everything we write on Android. We just have to select the "font" icon that is just above the keyboard, and choose the font we want to use. That easy.

The big drawback that I find Bobble, and the reason why I would not recommend installing it is because of its lack of privacy:

  • When we install Bobble we have to provide the phone number to start using the app.
  • The app warns that it shares our data with third parties for advertising purposes.

Too intrusive a keyboard in my opinion. But hey! there are over 5 million users on Google Play who think it's great. It also has a very high rating of 4.7 stars in the official Android application store.

What about you? Would you recommend installing an app to change the font? I in particular am quite conservative in that regard, and I have not yet found a font that is clean enough to use it continuously ... what can we do! Any suggestion?

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