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Unless you've lived in a cave or moved to the moon in a desperate attempt to escape the madding crowd, you probably already know when we are. Yes! !Black Friday week, folks!

Throughout the week and until next Monday 28 online stores are on fire, offering some of the most powerful discounts of the year in what can be considered the biggest promotion of the season.

For those of you who have not read our most recent articles, we take advantage of today's post to update you on all the offers and discounts that we can get during this Black Friday 2016 on GearBest, our online store of header electronics.

Discounts for purchase via PayPal

If we make the purchase using Paypal as a payment method we will get an additional 2% discount on the final price.

This offer will be valid during the days November 24-28, always for purchases over $ 50 for the first 5000 orders.

Also, if the 2% discount is not more than $ 2, we can combine this discount with any of the discount coupons of the Black Friday promotion.

Gift accessories

Another of the strengths of this promotion are the discounts for joint purchases. That is to say, If we buy an item with its corresponding accessory, this last purchase will be free. Examples? If we buy a Jumper EZpad Tablet PC and also add a keyboard, the keyboard will be free.

We can know all the free accessories In the following link .

Black Friday at the GearBest Spanish store

The GearBest homeland website has its own selection of exclusive offers and discounts. Do you remember the Ulefone Power, with its elegant and original wooden casing? Well, if you are thinking of buying it, remember that on the Spanish GearBest website we can get it for 159 euros, with the added advantages of free shipping throughout Spain, 2-year warranty and the assurance that our package will not be stopped at customs, since the orders are dispatched from the store's Spanish warehouse.

Discount coupons

This is where we can find the bulk of the promotion, and that is Black Friday is full of discount coupons of up to 80% in a wide variety of products: from laptops, smartphones, raspberrys, drones, webcams, clothing and even watches, among others.

You can access all discount coupons from this link (promo website), this other link (GearBest blog) and this other (GearBest Spain).

I hope this little guide has been helpful for you to have a more global view of all the available offers. Whatever you want to comment on, you have your own realm of free will in the comment box. Excelsior!

GearBest | Black Friday promotion

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