40 free online basic programming courses in Spanish

Have you ever thought about learn to program in Java but are you lazy? Do you want to expand your knowledge of databases and practice a little SQL? In today's post we have compiled an interesting collection of free courses in Spanish related to programming and web development, which we can do comfortably from home and at our own pace.

All courses are conducted from the Udemy online education platform, where we will find the most varied topics. From a basic course of introduction to SAP, even courses Python, SQL Server, Azure Database, Visual FoxPro, Javascript or Amazon AWS, among others. We have also added some training courses to the list. CSS, HTML5 and PHP focused on web development, and a small course to learn how to program our first video game with the Scratch programming language.

28 online courses of basic programming in Spanish

The vast majority of these courses are aimed at showing the basic fundamentals of each of the subjects covered. Therefore, they are the most suitable for those who want to start from scratch. Each course offers between 5 and 8 hours of video on demand, downloadable material and certificate of completion.

Learn Basic SQL Developer in 30 minutes (Introduction)
MySQL Database Basic Course
Basic introduction to SAP
Basic JAVA Course
JavaFX Course - Modern Desktop Applications
Create your first video game
Disembarking in R
Visual FoxPro 9 Training - Advanced Level - Module 01
Visual FoxPro 9 Training - Basic Level
Learn Visual FoxPro 9 - Intermediate Level
Visual FoxPro 9 and MariaDB Training -Mod01
Visual FoxPro 9 and Microsoft SQL Server Training -Mod01
Discover Visual FoxPro 9 and MySQL Server -Mod01
Visual FoxPro 9 and PostgreSQL Training -Mod01
Learn Python from scratch
Queries with SQL Server 2016
Programming Fundamentals
Programming basics
Programming Fundamentals, Algorithms in Java and JavaScript
Learn Database in Azure
Bash - Linux Shell. Learn from scratch
Getting started with Containers in Docker
Basic java
Python from scratch to statistical analysis Pandas and Numpy
Raspberry PI3 and Python3 from Scratch - First Module
Be a more productive programmer with Visual Studio Code
Task 01 Visual Classes and other Tools - Advanced VFP

12 basic web development courses in Spanish

We continue with a dozen courses dedicated to programming and web development. In addition to the aforementioned CSS, HTML5, and PHP courses, a couple of courses are also included for WordPress and Cpanel hosting.

Learn CSS to style your WEB pages
Learn HTML5 to make your own web designs
Discover PHP from Scratch - Basic Level
HTML5 and CSS3 Course
EXPRESS Course :: Create your Website in 30 Minutes with WordPress!
Amazon AWS. Amazon AWS Basic Course. Learn from scratch
Web developer: Structural programming in PHP
Mastering the cpanel Hosting of Our Service Provider
WordPress Basics (master the WP admin)
Learn FlexyGo from 0
Publishing and Analyzing Maps on the Web with ArcGIS Online
Download satellite images

I hope you liked this little compilation. If you still want more, you can access the full list of free online courses through the following LINK.

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