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The title can be misleading. To date there have been several Dragon Ball manga independent of Toriyama's official story, but if memory serves me, it is the first time that a 100% original story has been published that is not based on any video game nor is it fan-art. or dōjinshi. A manga in conditions. We talk about Dragon Ball Gaiden: Reincarnated as Yamcha.

A fan of Dragon Ball reincarnated in Yamcha's body

The manga tells the story of a high school boy, a staunch Dragon Ball fan and especially fond of Yamcha. By chance of life (and more by clumsiness than anything else) he ends up losing his life, and oh, surprise! wake up inside the world of Dragon Ball, reincarnated in the character of Yamcha right after he first beat Pilaf.

The fact that our protagonist knows the entire history of Dragon Ball by heart will help him change the course of events a bit. Do youYou really thought Yamcha was a weakling? You cannot imagine what you can get when you know in advance that you are going to end up cold meat in the hands of the hateful Saibamen.

Dragon Ball Gaiden, the new manga by DragongarowLee

Dragon Ball Gaiden: Reincarnated as Yamcha is published in the digital magazine Shonen Jump Plus and to date only the first issue has seen the light. The story will consist of 3 parts, of which the second issue should see the light at the beginning of 2017 (although it seems that it is being delayed a bit). The author of the manga is DragongarowLee, the same artist who made the now mythical dōjinshi of Vegeta, also known as Super Vegeta Den or Dragon ball sai.

We are facing a comic full of humor with an extremely interesting premise. The drawing is spectacular, and It perfectly mimics the line and style used by Akira Toriyama during the time of Dragon Ball and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Undoubtedly, together with Toyotaro, one of the most advanced students of the Japanese genius creator of Dr. Slump.

Obviously the manga is in perfect Japanese, but nothing that we do a little Google search we can find some good translations in Spanish. A fun and refreshing manga, a must for any Dragon Ball fan at heart.

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