How to customize an Android to look like an iPhone

Envy is very bad. It eats you inside and does not let you live in peace. If you have an Android but would like to have an iPhone, do not let yourself be overcome by the dark side of the force and remedy it. If you can't afford an iPhone or simply refuse to pay an exorbitant price for what is still a phone (very premium, yes, but a phone at the end of the day) you can always go the middle way: tune your Android for what looks as close to an iPhone as possible.

To achieve our goal we are going to use a launcher, we will change the icons and we will also install a few apps to have an experience as close as possible to what Apple offers us with its mobile terminals. Let's go there!

Step # 1: Change your Android's default launcher

The launcher or launcher is the customization layer that is located above the operating system. It is responsible for how the home screen, the call screen, the app drawer, and more are displayed. Basically he is in charge of designing the interface of our terminal.

Therefore, if we want our device to look like an iPhone, the first thing we have to do is install a new launcher. Here we have a couple of them that mimic the appearance, menus and other sections of Apple's iOS operating system.

Phone 11 Launcher

This launcher offers a custom design that seeks to emulate the user interface UI of the iPhone 11 Pro (iOS13). With the installation of this launcher we will even see how the typical iPhone notch appears in the upper area of ​​the screen, even if our mobile does not have a notch of any kind. Yes of course!

In addition, it also makes changes to the interface, such as adding a search bar when you slide your finger down the screen, a lock screen very similar to that of iOS, a version of the classic iPhone Control Center, the Wi-Fi settings menu and Typical iOS flashlight and a selection of the best Apple wallpapers.

The application is free although it also has a pro version without ads. A highly rated launcher by the community, with more than 10 million downloads and a 4.6 star rating on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Phone 11 Launcher, OS 13 iLauncher, Control Center Developer: SaSCorp Apps Studio Price: Free

iLauncher for OS 13

This themed launcher also offers a very similar experience. It is designed around iOS13 and tries to emulate your experience with an interface very similar to that of the iPhone. It includes the typical Control Center to tweak the settings for Wi-Fi, brightness, volume and others, an application manager such as iOS, widgets and even a set of icons that emulate the characteristic style of the Cupertino operating system.

It is currently the highest rated iOS-scented launcher in the Play Store with 4.7 stars and more than 1 million downloads.

Download QR-Code iLauncher for OS 13 - Stylish Theme and Wallpaper Developer: Launcher Developer Price: Free

Step # 2: Get custom iOS-style icons

The next step for our Android mobile to look like an iPhone is to install a custom icon pack that emulate the design of iOS icons. The problem with icon packs is that they can only be installed if we have a compatible launcher.

In the case of "iLauncher for OS 13" that we discussed in the previous paragraph we can use the icons offered by the application itself, but for the rest we will have to look for a launcher compatible with any of these packs (here you have a list with the 10 best launchers for Android) and customize it to our liking.

  • iOS 11 Icon Pack: One of the best iOS style icon packs for Android. It includes typical icons such as Gallery, Settings, Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Camera and many others. They are designed to work with Nova Launcher. Free app. | Download iOS 11 Icon Pack on Google Play

  • iUX 12 Icon Pack: This iOS 12 style icon pack offers compatibility with more than 20 different launchers. The icon design is a bit more up-to-date but it doesn't offer as many icons as the iOS 11 Icon Pack. Free app. | Download iUX 12 Icon Pack

Step # 3: iPhone-like apps available on Android

From here, if we already have a launcher and some good custom icons, we have almost all the work done. To emulate the iOS experience to the fullest, we would only need to install all those typical iPhone applications (or at least, their equivalents for Android).

Lock screen and notifications iOS 14

The name of the app says it all. An app that will allow us to modify the lock screen and notifications so that they resemble iOS 14, the most recent version of the iPhone operating system.

Download QR-Code Lock Screen and Notifications iOS 14 Developer: LuuTinh Developer Price: Free

iCalendar iOS 13

If you are looking for an agenda app similar to the iPhone calendar, take a look at this app. It is compatible with Google Calendar, offers color classification, map views and even integrates a task manager.

Download QR-Code iCalendar iOS 13 Developer: Oranges Camera Studio Price: Free

iCalculator I.O.S.12

With this application we will have a calculator very similar to that of the iPhone, with its round buttons and other visual aspects. It offers both standard calculator and scientific calculator.

Download QR-Code iCalculator I.O.S.12 Developer: Oranges Camera Studio Price: Free

iMusic - iPlayer OS13

Who can live without music? Finally, I want to recommend iMusic, a free player that has a design and interface very similar to that used by Apple in iOS 13.

Download QR-Code iMusic - iPlayer OS13 Developer: Lock Your Phone Price: Free

Do you know any other app that helps emulate the experience of an iPhone on Android. If so, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area. We read in the next post!

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