Socratic, the Google app for studying and solving problems

Do you usually get stuck while studying or does a class subject seem a bit uphill? Socratic by Google is an app that has just been published in the Android Play Store this week with a very clear objective: to help us with the studies by making it available to us a query tool powered by artificial intelligence.

We are facing a utility that until last summer of 2019 was part of the iOS application ecosystem, at which time it was acquired by Google to be part of its set of “made by Google” applications for Android.

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Socratic, a study assistant who seeks answers from images or voice queries

Socratic works pretty straightforward. First we must ask a question or expose the problem we want to solve. For this we can take a photo of the problem using the mobile camera or ask directly through the microphone.

From here, the application is responsible for identifying the query and searching for the necessary online resources that will help us understand what is the concept or principle that governs the problem that we just raised. In this way, sometimes we will get a direct answer, and at other times Socratic will show us a host of tutorials that will help us get the answer for ourselves.

These tutorials can come in the form of an information card, or they can also be excerpts from the Internet and even YouTube videos on the subject to be studied by the student. Google's AI has been trained with dedicated algorithms to understand problems of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, physics, history and literature, in such a way that Socratic is able to detect and simplify the concepts in small tutorials or "lessons" much easier to understand.

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The "chops" or information cards

Besides this, the app also includes around 1,000 guides or information cards on syllabi for university level and secondary education. It should be noted that these "chops" are completely in English, so we will have to master the language a little if we want to get the most out of the application.

In each of the cards we are shown a graphic or diagram with an explanatory text on the subject, all this always accompanied by a series of related videos along with a list of sources and resources to obtain more information. The truth is that they are quite useful guides and that they work perfectly as a study complement.

In short, Socratic is still an app with more or less the same functions as the Google search engine of a lifetime, but with the ability to deliver the answers much more "chewed" and in a more comfortable way for the student. facilitating their learning, which in the end is what it is all about. An interesting application with a lot of potential within the academic environment.

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