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With the arrival of Android 10 and Google's decision to implement the dark mode As a standard for its operating system, the company has begun to give its most relevant apps the long-awaited night mode. Thus, in addition to saving battery, we can have much more relaxed experiences as far as our eyes are concerned when we are in poorly lit environments.

At this point we have already seen the famous “dark mode” of Chrome for Android, the dark mode of YouTube, Google Photos and Keep, among others. This week it was the turn of Gmail, which is already beginning to enjoy the honeys of customization through a new dark theme in its mobile version.

How to enable Gmail dark mode on Android

The dark theme in the Google mail client is available from Gmail version 2019.08.18.267044774, which is already accessible in the Play Store since last September 4.

In any case, it should be clarified that the deployment is being carried out by the application server, in a staggered manner. Therefore, it is possible that we update our Gmail client and we still do not see the box to activate it. In this case, we will have to wait a few hours / days until the update reaches our terminal.

We can check if our Gmail already has the dark mode by displaying the side menu bar and entering "Settings -> General settings”. The first option that we will find within this submenu will be to change the theme of the application. If we click on "Theme"We will see 3 different customization modes:" Dark "," Light "and" Default ".

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By selecting "Dark", we will see how the interface replaces its usual white background with a darker one. Here it is interesting to mention that Google has not used a pure black, opting for a color that pulls more towards dark gray. This prevents AMOLED displays from taking advantage of this advantage and saving battery life by turning off pixels that are not being used. For those users who do not have this type of screen, this is simply an irrelevant factor, but it is not without its crumb - especially considering how expensive mobile phones with AMOLED screens are.

Personally, I must admit that I have never seen much humor in dark mode, but since I tried it in a couple of applications a few months ago, I am becoming more and more fond of it. What do you think of the dark mode? Do you plan to use it in your Gmail app?

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