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After several months talking about the work and miracles of Windows 10, I am going to take this spring Sunday's post to give a little review of the most useful tips and tricks related to the latest Microsoft operating system. From freeing up space after system installation, going through the hidden menu of the mysterious "God Mode", there are many actions that we can take to get the most out of our beloved Windows.

If you want to know more in depth each of the points discussed in this article, you just have to click on the title of each one of them to access the corresponding post, where I elaborate in great detail. Let's go there!

Download Windows 10 for Free and Legal

If you still do not have the Windows 10 installation disc or want to save a copy of it, you should know that Microsoft offers the possibility of downloading the installation package from its servers completely free of charge. In the summer of 2016 Windows 10 will be paid, so if you don't have a copy yet, now is a good time to take the leap.

Install Windows 10 from a USB Memory

Having a USB with the Windows 10 installation package (or any other operating system) is always a good idea. It can become a real life saver if our PC suffers irreparable damage and we need to reinstall the operating system. In "How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Memory" we explain the whole process step by step.

Optimize Windows 10 Performance to the Maximum

By default, both Windows 10 and previous Microsoft operating systems are configured in a standard way, but can we improve the performance of our system if we make small changes and alter some variables? Of course! Actions such as increasing virtual memory, removing unnecessary programs from startup or optimizing resource consumption by modifying visual effects, can give our team a considerable performance boost.

Activate the "God Mode" of Windows 10

Since that distant Windows 95 Microsoft has dedicated itself to giving us small Easter eggs in each and every one of its operating systems, and Windows 10 was not going to be less. The powerful "God Mode" is a super admin panel from which you can perform practically any action and configuration on your system. You just have to do a little trick to access it.

Windows 10 consumes too much RAM

Regardless of the RAM memory your computer has, Windows 10 always consumes about 50% of the available memory. How is that possible? The cause of this crazy consumption has a name: Superfetch, a Windows service is in charge of seeing which are the programs that we use the most frequently and loads them into memory before we even use them. Why don't we disable it?

Delete the Personal Data Cortana Sends to Bing

Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, is fully integrated with our operating system. Therefore, all the information that is collected is sent to the Bing search engine, in order to show results and suggestions of places we can visit, nearby restaurants, local services, our tastes in cinema and music, etc. If we are jealous of our privacy and want to turn off Bing's tap, we will have to make some other changes to get it.

Free up 20 GB After Installing Windows 10

When we install Windows 10 on a computer, the system saves a backup of the state and configurations of the S.O. previous, and for this it reserves about 20 GB on our hard drive. If we do not have a lot of space or we just want to do a little cleaning, we can recover that disk space with a couple of simple movements.

Disable P2P in Windows Update

One of the most controversial features of Windows 10 was the update process. When there is a pending update, the system instead of downloading the data from the servers of Microsoft uses the system and bandwidth of other usersWindows 10 to carry out the aforementioned process. If we do not want Microsoft to use our PC as an update server for other users, we must disable the Windows Update p2p service.

The Different "Factory Reset" Modes in Windows 10

If we have suffered a catastrophic disaster in our system and we need a radical solution, Windows 10 offers several restoration alternatives, such as a "factory state" erasure, reverting to a previous version or the clean reinstallation of an OS image.

How can we Boot Windows 10 into Safe / Safe Mode?

Windows 10 loads the system very fast, that is true, but it is also true that it is practically impossible to be able to press F8 in time when we start the system if we want to enter safe mode. With the proliferation of UEFI and Windows 10 systems, the process of accessing the classic safe mode varies significantly.

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