New facts about the Dragon Ball movie 20 and the continuation of DB Super

The official website for the next Dragon Ball movie that opens in theaters this December in Japan has just been updated with some juicy new information. In this way, several interesting data are revealed such as the staff that will take part in the film, a key image of Son Goku, his release date in Japan, and, finally, a message loaded with hype from Akira Toriyama himself.

The team that will lead the twentieth movie in the Dragon Ball universe will be made up of the following Japanese professionals:

  • Original author, script, and character design: Akira toriyama
  • Director: Tatsuya nagamine
  • Animation Supervisor: Naohiro shintani
  • Art director: Kazuo ogura

Tatsuya Nagamine has been one of the several directors that the universal survival arc has counted on, while Kazuo is an artist who has already participated in the elaboration of funds for the film. Dragonballz the battle of the gods.

One of the key members of this film will be Naohiro Shintani, one of Toei Animation's youngest and most talented animators. Shintani began working on several episodes of One Piece, and later went directly to work on animated films. You can see a glimpse of Shintani's work in the following YouTube video:

Naohiro Sintani represents a substantial change from Tadayoshi Yamamuro, the animation supervisor and responsible for the visual aspect of Son Goku and the rest of the characters in the series currently. We went from a stiffer drawing style with more marked features to a lighter and more dynamic art.

To get an idea, nothing better than to take a look at the image that has just been released and in which we see the visual concept that will accompany Goku in this 20th Dragon Ball movie.

On the film's website we also find a brief message from Akira Toriyama:

“This time the Dragon Ball Super movie will be the next story in the series that is currently being broadcast on television. It will be an episode after we have held our breath with the climax of the Tournament of Power with the existence of the universe hanging by a thread. This new content will help to better understand Freeza and the Saiyans, something that I had not properly represented until now. And we will see a powerful enemy reserved for this occasion, which will turn this into a really funny story.

As with The Battle of the Gods of 2013 and the last Resurrection of “F”, I have written the story myself, and I have also had the privilege of drawing a lot of illustrations for the design.

The fact is, although I'm as busy as ever, since I'm not doing the series anymore, I have a lot of free time to think about the animated version, something that I was completely disconnected from previously.

Stay tuned !!

Now the animated version will end for now, but the popular Dragon Ball Super comic drawn by Toyotaro will continue as before. I think there will also be different story developments aside from the TV show and the movie, so stay tuned for this as well. I will!

-Akira Toriyama »

We finish with the release date of the film, which has been announced for the December 14, 2018 in Japan.

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