135 free online tools for all kinds of tasks

With the proliferation of web tools, it is no longer necessary that we install any program or app to perform any type of task. If we need to do some work of mathematical calculation, color editing, text and list management, numbers, dates and times or images, we will probably find the tool we need on the PineTools website.

PineTools is a website that collects hundreds of free online tools With which we can carry out a multitude of tasks related to texts (invert, convert uppercase to lowercase), images (invert, resize, cut), lists (sort alphabetically, sort randomly), numbers (generate sequences, sort) and many other functions that can come in handy in a time of need.

The tools offered by the web are classified into 9 different categories.


Here we find calculator applications (simple, area and percentage), trigonometric functions (sine, cosine and tangent), direct proportions and inverse rule of 3.


One of the star features of PineTools are its color and image editing tools. When it comes to color, there are more than a dozen web apps, all of them very simple and easy to use.

Here we find tools for calculate color triads, complementary colors, analog monochrome, darken, brighten, change saturation or obtain the colors of an image. We also have others that help us to generate random colors, invert a color, merge two colors or change to grayscale. The truth is that we can find a tool for practically anything related to colors.


In the text tools we have applications to invert, order, add text to each line, eliminate spaces and line breaks, eliminate duplicate rows, or a letter and word counter. There are also others to replace words or change upper / lower case.


In this category we find tools that allow us to sort numbers, filter, generate lists of numbers or find the highest or lowest numbers.

Dates and times

Within the category "Dates and hours" we have tools to add or subtract years, hours, or months to dates, and modify date and time to Unix format, among others.


Web tools related to image editing and management allow us to resize, cut or flip images, as well as brighten or darken, change exposure or saturation. We can also change the contrast, brightness, invert colors or add effects of all kinds, censor an image by adding a blur block, pixelate and so on. On the other hand, SVG to PNG, BMP and JPG converters are also included. In total, up to 55 web tools related to image processing.


Tools for generating random answers include a random number generator, heads or tails, dice roll, random password and string generators, random color and bitmap generators, and much more. A really interesting pack of tools.


In this compilation we will also find a section dedicated to file manipulation. Thus, in the category of "files" we have a tool to divide or join files, encode or decode in base 64, a corrupted file generator or random, and a tool to corrupt existing files.


Finally, we have a set of tools for programmers and web developers such as a syntax underline, a CSS beautifier, a Diff checker tool, a CSS inliner, another JSON formatting tool, a HTML beautifier, and another for Javascript.

A total of 135 completely free and functional web tools that can help us carry out a multitude of tasks without the need to install any additional software on our PC or mobile device. One of those pages that never hurts to have it added to our bookmarks list.

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