MPOW D6 Smart Fitness Tracker, the best low-cost activity tracker

I find it difficult to find a more original name for the title of this review. The MPOW D6 It is a satisfactory smart bracelet like few others. Not only because it does what it promises at an almost ridiculous price - it does not reach 10 euros - but also because it does it very well.

MPOW D6 Smart Fitness Tracker in review, a sports bracelet that lasts and lasts ...

The MPOW D6 Smart Fitness Tracker is a sports bracelet With which we can measure the heart rate, it has a pedometer function to measure the steps and distances traveled, as well as a couple of quite interesting features.

I have been testing this bracelet during the past Christmas, and more than "singing" the specifications of the device, what I am going to do is explain the 5 key factors, in my opinion, of this smart wristband.

Today there are a lot of bracelets of this type at very competitive prices, so nothing better than seeing the points in which this MPOW D6 stands out, to get an idea of ​​what we have in hand.

How long does the battery last?

What has caught my attention the most about the MPOW D6 has been its battery. After the first week of use, I was about to charge it for the first time, and I was very surprised to see that it had barely consumed half the battery.

A few bracelets of this type have passed through my hands, and although in general they tend to have more than acceptable autonomy, MPOW is undoubtedly the one that has offered me the most time of use between charges. For practical purposes, it has a 90mAh battery.

Can it be submerged under water?

The MPOW D6 bracelet comes with IP67 certification. This means that it has anti-dust, anti-corrosion and waterproof protection. In principle this means that we can walk on a rainy day without fear of it getting damaged. In my case, I have verified that we can also take the shower with the bracelet without any problem. Alright!

Pairing the fitness tracker with your phone

What scares me the most about this type of device is communication with the phone. A bracelet without its corresponding mobile app for data collection and analysis is very lame. This means that if every time we try to link the bracelet with the mobile we go through a little hell, the experience suffers greatly.

That is what happened to me with my last smart bracelet, and in the end I stopped using it out of boredom. The MPOW D6, on the other hand, connects without any problem and at a speed that is pleasant. Surprising. You have the latest version of Bluetooth 4.2.

Data collection and statistics

The MPOW Smart Android application is a fairly simple app, in Spanish, and very easy to use. On the one hand, we have 3 scrollable panels with the physical activity carried out during theday (steps, kilometers and calories burned), the sleep log, and another panel with data of our heart rate.

It also has a statistics menu to see the evolution of the data collected and a settings menu for the bracelet.

Download QR-Code Mpow Smart Developer: yoshop1 Price: Free

Additional functions

The MPOW D6 offers a couple of extra features that aren't bad at all, such as the ability to remotely ring the mobile in case of possible loss. It also allows you to activate the sedentary lifestyle reminders and has the option to turn on the screen to see the time each time we raise our hands.

Currently, this activity bracelet is priced at $ 9.99, about 8.45 euros to change, on GearBest.

Opinion and final assessment of the MPOW D6 Smart Fitness Tracker

Is the MPOW D6 worth buying? Its greatest attraction is undoubtedly its price, but the truth is that it could cost twice as much and still be worth it. It has a quality design and finishes, but best of all, it works without slipping in any section, and in the end, that's what counts. A star in the firmament of low-cost activity bracelets.

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