Don't miss out on this eye-catching car rear view mirror with Android, GPS and DVR

It is curious that I, an android who does not even have a driver's license, tells you about a rear view mirror for the car. Where is the technology in an object like this? Nothing could be further from the truth, since this is not an ordinary rear view mirror, friends. This car mirror not only incorporates Gps, but also has a 5 ”LCD screen with Android and a small DVR camera to record everything that happens inside or outside the car.

Features of this smart multipurpose rearview mirror

Today it is quite common to find drivers who use their smartphone to perform certain tasks while in the car, such as making a phone call or playing some good music. This smart mirror goes one step further.

On the one hand, we have a 5 inch capacitive screen with 5 touch points, a button panel at the bottom, Android 4.4 and GPS navigation system. All with integrated WiFi, FM Radio and music / video playback.

If what we want is to make security video recordings -something quite widespread in various regions of Europe and countries like Russia- this device incorporates a small camera with motion sensor, loop recording and 350 degree rotation. It also supports a second camera as a backup using cabling. In short, a more than complete rear view mirror with a good handful of additional functionalities.

Technical specifications

In the technical section, we find the following breakdown of details and characteristics:

  • 1.2GHz 4-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM memory.
  • 8GB of expandable internal storage.
  • Accepts SD cards.
  • Anti reflective glass.
  • FM transmitter: 76MHz - 108Mhz.
  • GPS Chipset Allwinner A33.
  • 800x480p screen resolution.
  • Voice navigation.
  • 3D navigation.
  • 8x digital zoom.
  • 1920x1080p / 720x480p video resolution at 30fps.
  • 170 degree angle lenses.
  • Compatible with micro SD cards up to 32GB.

Price and availability

The original price of this smart rear view mirror is 130 euros at Tomtop, but it is currently enjoying a strong flash offer that lowers its price to € 68.79, about $ 79.99 to change.

As always, if we are interested in getting this interesting smart mirror for the car, we can also use the following discount coupon to extract a pinch from the final price of the product:


Price with coupon: € 61.05

Tomtop | Buy smart rearview mirror for the car

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