They discover how to "jailbreak" an iPhone with an Android mobile

VHS versus Beta, Windows versus MacOS, Playstation versus Xbox, and of course, Android versus iPhone, the eternal rivals. Technology sometimes manages that even the most bitter enemies end up crossing their paths to help each other in a magical carom that is certainly beautiful, as well as ironic.

We have recently been able to experience one of these cases of "altruistic companionship" at the hands of the Reddit user stblr (also seen in XDA Developers) which has confirmed that you can already jailbreak an iPhone with the help of an Android phone.

The jailbreak in the iPhone community so far ...

Jailbreak is a process that has been going on for years, thanks to which iOS users can remove some of the limitations imposed by Apple on their devices. However, this is a process that until now required the use of a computer with MacOS if we wanted to use one of the most effective jailbreak methods that currently exist for terminals with recent iOS versions, the so-called checkra1n method.

Luckily, a new update to checkra1n has enabled support for Linux systems. Do you know that other devices, in addition to desktop computers, have a Linux-based architecture? Indeed, Android devices.

Requirements to be able to run checkra1n from an Android terminal

In order to carry out the feat, stblr points out that it is necessary to have a rooted Android mobile (or tablet). This method works from iPhone 6 to iPhone X with operating system iOS 12.3 and higher, although it is also necessary that we have the necessary USB OTG cables and adapters to be able to connect both devices, from the USB-C port of Android to the lightning port of Manzana.

A semi-permanent jailbreak

The process roughly consists of downloading the checkra1n binary file on the rooted Android phone, installing the app from Termux to be able to open a terminal window and use a file explorer with root permissions such as FX File Explorer.

From here, the checkra1n file is transferred to the Android system partition, the iPhone is activated in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode and it is connected via USB to the Android phone. All this in order to establish communication between both devices and launch the checkrain installation from a Termux terminal window with superuser permissions.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that we are facing a semi-permanent jailbreak, which means that if we restart the iPhone the jailbreak will be deactivated and the system will return to its original state. Something that can be quite interesting for those who want to take advantage of the jailbreak at any given time and continue to maintain the official configuration of the phone.

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