The 10 best Augmented Reality apps for Android

The Augmented reality It is a technology that has always sounded very futuristic, and the fact is that it has been with us for several years. I remember chatting with a friend from college about an augmented reality project I was working on at his company, more than 5 years ago. Back then it was an idea that fascinated me, and I'm glad to know that in 2018 there is already a small market for this type of application.

Augmented reality basically consists of superimposing computer-generated images -or data- on our vision of the real world, creating a composite view that enriches our perception of reality. Today, we take a look at 10 of the best augmented reality apps for Android.

The 10 best augmented reality (AR) apps for Android phones

Many of the Android applications that work with Augmented Reality currently use Google's ARCore technology to display AR content. A technology that, according to Google, is compatible with more than 100 million Android devices. Which means that you probably won't have any problem installing the ARCore-based apps from this list - unless you have a very old phone. Pay attention, because there are quite a few that are a real delight.

Civilization AR

Augmented reality has a whole reef to exploit in education. This app developed by the British BBC is a good example of this. Civilizations allows you to observe and analyze various works and historical objects and place them in the living room of our house, rotating and resizing them. As if they were in front of us.

When we start the application, for example, we are shown an Egyptian sarcophagus, allowing us to see the mummy inside by X-ray and learn part of its history. The app has more than 30 historical objects.

Download QR-Code Civilizations AR Developer: Media Applications Technologies for the BBC Price: Free


SketchAR is an application that show templates on our sketchbook so that we can trace them. We can choose from a good number of sketches of cats, hands, faces, buildings, flowers and other drawings that will appear on the mobile screen as if they were really in front of us.

The idea is simply great, but much of the charm is lost in the execution: it forces us to hold the mobile at a certain height while we draw. Something that is certainly not very practical. Still, it's worth a try.

Download QR-Code SketchAR: learn to draw AR Developer: SketchAR UAB Price: Free

Just a line

We continue with the drawing apps. Just a Line is an application developed by Google using ARCore, and is used to scribble and “blend” them into the real world. The best thing is that we can record our creation on video and share it with other people. Highly recommended to encourage creativity.

Download QR-Code Just a Line: paint the world with augmented reality Developer: Google Creative Lab Price: Free

Google Lens

Google Lens is the evolution of the concept that they began to develop with Google Googles. A tool with which we can identify text, pictures, and real-world objects using the cloud computing power of Google's powerful engine.

It is available as a standalone application, although we can also find it integrated into the most recent versions of Google Photos.

Download QR-Code Google Lens Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


ViewRanger is an app with thousands of hiking and biking routes. It has a ton of recommendations and maps that we can use without an internet connection, but the real jewel in the crown is its Skyline feature.

This feature uses augmented reality to identify the key points that we detect with the camera and show us their name, and other data such as height, when it comes to a peak or mountain. Highly recommended and highly rated by Google Play users. It is also compatible with Android Wear OS. Unfortunately, the Skyline feature is only available in the premium version of the app.

Download QR-Code ViewRanger - Hiking and Cycling Routes Developer: Augmentra Price: Free


Holo is an app that insert holograms into videos using augmented reality. A very fun utility with which we can play and get gold with all kinds of assemblies. There are tons of characters like Spider-Man, a gorilla playing the ukulele, a dog, and all kinds of funny characters.

Once we have the stage set up, we just have to record a video so we can save a copy or share it with our friends. Very enjoyable, especially with friends.

Download QR-Code Holo - Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality Developer: 8i LTD Price: Free

Google translator

The Google translator took a giant step forward when it incorporated augmented reality into its set of translation tools. Thanks to her it is capable of detecting text with the camera and translating it in real time, from places such as posters, inscriptions or signs in the middle of the street.

An application that works surprisingly well. Indispensable for trips abroad, especially if we do not control the local language too much.

Download QR-Code Google Translate Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


WallaMe is an augmented reality app that allows us to leave messages in certain geolocated areas. The idea is that we make a small drawing or write something, for example, on the corner of a street, at the bus stop, etc. Then, when someone else passes by that site, they can see that there is a hidden message and visualize it in augmented reality.

It can be a lot of play, especially in group activities, for sightseeing or communicating with our friends in a different and creative way.

Download QR-Code WallaMe - Augmented Reality Developer: Wallame Ltd Price: Free

Pokemon go

We can't make a list of augmented reality apps without mentioning the most popular AR game of all time: Pokémon Go. Here Nintendo and Niantic excelled, creating a title that revolutionized the entire planet, and managing to bring real hordes of teenagers - and not so teenagers - out to the streets to capture Pokémon and conquer gyms.

Although it no longer raises the fever of yesteryear, it is still a very popular game and worth taking a look if we have never had a chance to try it.

Download QR-Code Pokémon GO Developer: Niantic, Inc. Price: Free

Star walk 2

We finish the list with Star Walk 2, an app with maps of the sky, stars and constellations that blend into the landscape thanks to augmented reality. It's great for identifying planets and constellations, and it's packed with a ton of additional information.

Download QR-Code Star Walk 2 Free: Atlas of the sky and planets Developer: Vito Technology Price: Free

In addition to the apps mentioned in the list, there are many other applications that take advantage of Augmented Reality in ways that are worth mentioning. There we have other games like Ingress, from the same creators as the famous Pokémon Go. Or Ikea Place, an app that allows us to see how this or that piece of furniture would look realistically in the living room. Ink Hunter is an app that allows you to "test" tattoos and see how they would look if you actually tattooed them on your skin.

And what do you say? What is your favorite augmented reality app?

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