The 10 Android games with the best HD graphics of the moment (2020)

Uncontrolled power is useless. So even if a game looks spectacular it won't be a big deal without solid gameplay to build on. That being said, HD mobile games They are the order of the day, and some already have graphics that rival even those of the consoles themselves.

If you have a high-end phone, with a good GPU and a big, attractive screen, you may want to try one of these AAA games for Android. Titles where good graphics prevailYes, but with a gaming experience that is worth it.

Top 10 AAA mobile games with the best HD graphics of 2020

Next, we have tried to bring together games of different genres, both adventure, RPGs, arcades and shooting games. Without a doubt it is a quite subjective list, so do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments area with your personal recommendations.

Asphalt 9: Legends

We start with one of my favorites. I'm a fan of arcade racing, like the PS3 classic Blur. This Asphalt has the same essence: stunning graphics and crazy gameplay that takes him away from simulation in pursuit of pure and simple fun. Best of all, it is not necessary to have a ciborium mobile to enjoy it. One of the games with the best graphics for Android, without a doubt.

Download QR-Code Asphalt 9: Legends - New Racing Game 2020 Developer: Gameloft SE Price: Free

Cover Fire

A classic shooter, but with graphics that take your breath away. This marvel for mobile devices has more than 60 offline missions and various game modes, including multiplayer. One of the top rated AAA games for Android by the community, with a 4.7 star rating and over 10 million downloads.

Download QR-Code Cover Fire: free shooting games Developer: Genera Games Price: Free

Darkness rises

Darkness Rises is an action RPG quite generic and linear, but quite a visual section: just awesome. To take your breath away. The great incentive, apart from the graphics, is the great level of customization that we can apply to our character, where we can choose between 4 basic classes: warrior, assassin, sorcerer and barbarian. A hack'n'slash where we will have to defeat waves of enemies with our ax, sword or spells, to the sound of beautiful and very well polished visuals. Highly recommended if we have a terminal with a powerful CPU and a good AMOLED screen.

Download QR-Code Darkness Rises Developer: NEXON Company Price: Free

Injustice 2

The sequel to "Injustice: Gods Among Us" maintains everything that made its predecessor great. A fighting game with 3v3 battles with some of the best DC comics characters like Superman, Flash, Batman or Green Lantern. Although the gameplay is adapted to mobile devices, in essence it is very similar to its console version. The graphics are the most attractive, with spectacular special movements and attacks.

Download QR-Code Injustice 2 Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Price: Free

Rival Knights

Also known as "Duel of Knights" is one of the best HD adventure games for Android. Developed by the well-known Gameloft, it is a vertical game in which we must fight against other hairs in a duel with spear and horse. A medieval title capable of making the most of your smartphone with its 3D animations and quite original and fun game dynamics.

Download QR-Code Knight Showdown Developer: Gameloft SE Price: Free

PUBG Mobile

If we are looking for a title that can take advantage of our hardware, that is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The popular shooter that sparked the battle royale fever also has a free version for mobile phones. More than 100 million downloads and a fairly good rate of updates with interesting news from time to time to keep the flame of this excellent survival game alive.

Download QR-Code PUBG MOBILE - NEW ERA Developer: Tencent Games Price: Free

Bike Unchained 2

If you like the typical racing games with bikes and motorcycles for mobile phones, but you are looking for something a little more realistic, take a look at this title. Developed by Red Bull, the second installment of Bike Unchained offers mountain bike racing with real bikers, many stunts and various natural environments. A different and fun sports game.

Download QR-Code Bike Unchained 2 Developer: Red Bull Apps Price: Free

Shadowgun legends

A colorful shooter with impressive visuals. A game that will remember AAA console classics like Halo and Destiny, with that futuristic touch and "over the top" graphics. It is a free title with in-app purchases of cosmetic items, although the game's “chicha” is concentrated in the single-player campaign mode.

Download QR-Code Shadowgun Legends: FPS Shooting Games Online Developer: MADFINGER Games Price: Free

Sdorica Sunset

All a candy to behold. After 4 years of development Rayark Games has released this little gem with really beautiful designs and atmospheres. If you like anime and fantasy worlds with that slight “Studio Ghibli” twist, check out this RPG. You will not be disappointed. Unmissable both 2D animation scenes as the soundtrack.

Download QR-Code Sdorica Developer: Rayark International Limited Price: Free

Lineage 2: Revolution

One of the best games to exploit the graphic power of our high-end smartphone. This is the mobile version of the well-known Korean MMORPG, with impressive visual watermarks that explode in epic battles for up to 200 players in real time. All with a beautiful rendering running under the Unreal Engine 4 engine. If our phone can handle it and we are fond of the genre, it is a game that we should definitely try at least once.

Download QR-Code Lineage 2: Revolution Developer: Netmarble Price: Free

Honorable mentions

In addition to these games that we have just discussed, we also find other titles for Android with excellent graphics:

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades: Bethesda is one of the heavyweights of the video game industry, and this Elder Scrolls for mobile has excellent gameplay, as well as some of the most polished three-dimensional graphics that we can find on Android. | Download on Google Play
  • Metal madness: A different game, halfway between the typical shooter and arcade racing games. If you are looking for something different and fun, you should definitely check it out. | Download on Google Play
  • Left to survive: A first person survival shooter full of zombies. It has two game modes: one solo where we must fight against the undead and then another mode of 2 against 2 players, which makes the adventure much more interesting compared to the classic zombie game of a lifetime. | Download on Google Play
  • Call of Duty: Mobile: CoD is the largest first person shooter game franchise. Ever since Call of Duty: Mobile made its appearance on mobile devices, it has been an instant hit. | Download on Google Play
  • Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade: This is one of several Warhammer 40,000 games available on the Play Store. A visual delight, essential for fans of the Warhammer universe. | Download on Google Play

I am sure that I left several games in the pipeline, such as Dragon Ball Legends, Tekken or Dead Trigger, which are also quite worth it. What do you think is the mobile game with the best graphics of the moment?

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