How to Cast Videos from PC to Chromecast or Android TV

The Chromecast it is a wonder. We can reproduce anything we have on our Android device and send it to a TV or monitor in a matter of seconds. Many modern TVs have a built-in Chromecast feature, making it most convenient to use. If we do not have one of these devices, nothing happens either, since with a TV Box and a DLNA app we can also easily transmit content from a mobile phone or a tablet.

But what about the videos that we have stored on the computer? In this case the thing is not as simple as entering Netflix or YouTube and clicking on the button to transmit to Chromecast. Here we have to apply a little more inventiveness.

How to Cast Local Videos and Files from PC to Chromecast or Android TV

If we do not want to install any additional program we can send content from the computer using the Google Chrome browser. It is a somewhat limited solution, although terribly easy to implement.

  • We open the Chrome browser and open the upper drop-down menu (3-point icon, located in the upper right margin) and click on “To transmit”.

  • A menu will be displayed showing all Chromecast compatible devices that are connected to our home network.
  • Before selecting the target device, click on the button that says "Source”. Here we choose “Transmit file”And we select the video or audio that we want to send.

  • Finally, we click on the Chromecast device that is listed on the screen. It will automatically send the selected file and it will be played on the TV screen.

Method # 2: Use an app like Videostream

The truth is that Chrome's integrated streaming function is very practical, but there are also other alternatives such as Videostream. The advantage of this desktop application (available for Windows and MacOS) is that, in addition to having more configuration options, it also allows you to control playback from your mobile (Android / iPhone). Which comes in handy to, for example, pause a video without having to get up from the couch.

We can download the application from the official website of Videostream. Once installed on the computer, we open it and we will see how a new tab automatically opens in the browser.

Next, click on the blue button "Choose a Video”And we select the video that we want to reproduce.

Then a tab will open in Chrome where all we have to do is select the destination Chromecast device. That easy. The advantage over the first method that we have just discussed is that with Videostream we can adjust details such as volume, quality of playback or add subtitles. Which is not bad at all.

Method # 3: Cast Local Videos With VLC

If we don't have the Chrome browser installed, another good solution is to use VLC. This free and open source media player is just great, and among its features is of course the ability to stream videos to Chromecast devices.

  • Load the video you want to play in VLC.
  • In the upper options menu navigate to “Playback -> Processor”.
  • Select your Chromecast device from the rest of the available options.

And ready! The VLC application is available for various operating systems and can be downloaded from its official website.

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