175 free courses for programmers and web developers (Part II)

Due to the unexpected interest aroused by the previous compilation of online courses for programmers, web developers and other computer lovers in general (you can consult it HERE), we have decided to give it continuity with a new dedicated post.

In this second part we collect free courses on topics as hot as artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer security or cryptography. Likewise, there is also space for a large number of training courses on Java, PHP, mobile app development (Android / iOS), video game creation, web pages and much more. Do not lose sight of them!

175 online courses on programming, web development and artificial intelligence

Many of these courses are in English and are developed through the Class Central platform. They last between 1 and 6 weeks, with a flexible schedule and the possibility of a certificate (prepaid or free depending on the course). A large number of courses are also collected in Spanish and for other educational platforms such as Coursera, Codelabs, Tutellus, Codecademy and the occasional series of training videos on YouTube.

Mobile app development

Learn how an iOS 7 application is developed in an hour
Create an app with Swift 3 for iOS 10
Create Mobile Applications with Mobincube without code
Android Developer Fundamentals Course (Codelabs)
Development of mobile applications without programming
Android application development
Specialized program iOS Application Development
Android mobile application development
Mobile application development with Titanium
Android Basics
Introduction to Android programming (taught by the UPV)
Programming with Java for Android applications

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Web development

Angular: Convert any HTML template into a WebAPP
Learn how to publish your web pages
HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch
Learn to make Web Pages from scratch
Learn to make web pages without programming with Jimdo
FlexBox course from 0
Parallax Effects Course with Adobe Muse
Learn web accessibility step by step
Learn color design
Free online course to create pages in WordPress
How to Create a CRUD with PHP and SQL Server
Develop a web page with HTML and CSS
Web developer: Structural programming in PHP
Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things
Fundamentals of UX Design
Growth Hacking (6th edition)
Learn basic programming with PHP
Cloud Computing Applications, Part 2: Big Data and Applications in the Cloud
Introduction to Angular 4 - Installation and Components
Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture
Introduction to OpenStack
Cool PHP
Online Store With WooCommerce From Scratch
Implement Cookies and Sessions in PHP
MVC for nice newbies with Laravel

Videogame development, design and creation

Game Development with Unity 5: First Complete Game
Game Creation on Unreal Engine for Beginners
Videogame Design and Creation
Interactive 3D Graphics
Video Game Design and Development

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars
6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning
Addressing Large Hadron Collider Challenges by Machine Learning
Applied Machine Learning in Python
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning
Big Data Applications: Machine Learning at Scale
Convolutional Neural Networks
Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow
Cutting Edge Deep Learning For Coders, Part 2
Deep Learning Explained
Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Study Deep Learning in Computer Vision
Deep Learning Summer School
Intro to Deep Learning
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
An Introduction to Deep Learning
Machine Learning (Georgia Institute of Technology and Brown University)
Machine Learning (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Learn Machine Learning (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Machine Learning (Columbia University)
Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs
Course about Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics
Machine Learning for Trading
Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach
Course about Machine Learning With Big Data
Machine Learning: Classification
Machine Learning: Clustering & Retrieval
Course «Machine Learning: Regression»
Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra
Mathematics for Machine Learning: Multivariate Calculus
Course «Mathematics for Machine Learning: PCA»
Neural Networks for Machine Learning
Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1
Statistical Machine Learning
Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems
Reinforcement Learning
Introduction to Recommender Systems: Non-Personalized and Content-Based
Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D.
Practical Reinforcement Learning
Natural Language Processing
Regression Modeling in Practice
Matrix Factorization and Advanced Techniques
Recommender Systems: Evaluation and Metrics
Nearest Neighbor Collaborative Filtering
Computational Neuroscience

Security, cryptography and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
Classical Cryptosystems and Core Concepts
Applied Cryptography
Access Controls
Cryptographic Hash and Integrity Protection
Cryptography and Information Theory
Cryptography II
Cloud Computing Security
Intro to Information Security
Hardware Security
Network Security
Networks and Communications Security
System Validation (2): Model process behavior
Course "System Validation (3): Requirements by modal formulas"
System Validation (4): Modeling Software, Protocols, and other behavior
System Validation: Automata and behavioral equivalences
Security Operations and Administration
Systems and Application Security
Information Security: Context and Introduction
Cyber-Physical Systems Security
Identifying, Monitoring, and Analyzing Risk and Incident Response and Recovery

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Programming and computing

Learn to code in Erlang
Learning Java from Scratch
Learn Recursion with OCaml
Robotics for newbies
Learn computer science by yourself (about 1,500 hours)
Introduction to Agile and Scrum
Introduction to C programming course: Functions and pointers
Introduction to C programming: Control instructions and text files
Introduction to C programming: Data types and structures
Programming with Java Standard (5th edition)
JavaScript programming (5th edition)
How to make real time web applications with Node.js and Socket.io
Java tutorials developed by Oracle
Schedule! An introduction to programming
Arduino and some applications
Create maps with AngularJS and ArcGIS
Java Course (40 videos)
Computer Programming Course
Introduction to Pseudocode Programming
Free Javascript Course
How to create a DataGrid library
Develop your applications with jQuery
Computer System Design: Advanced Concepts of Modern Microprocessors
Concurrent Programming in Java
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Compilers: Theory and Practice
Computability, Complexity & Algorithms
Computation Structures 3: Computer Organization
Computational Photography
DevOps for Databases
DevOps Practices and Principles
Course «DevOps Testing»
Distributed Programming in Java
Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems
FreeCodeCamp (8,000+ lessons, articles, and videos)
GT - Refresher - Advanced OS
Advanced Operating Systems
Infrastructure as Code
Intro to Parallel Programming
Introduction to Computer Architecture
An Introduction to Computer Vision
Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis
Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization
Parallel programming
Parallel Programming in Java
Probabilistic Graphical Models 1: Representation
Probabilistic Graphical Models 2: Inference
Nature, in Code: Biology in JavaScript
Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses
Reliable Distributed Algorithms, Part 2
High Performance Computer Architecture
Solving Algorithms for Discrete Optimization
Julia Scientific Programming
Quantitative Formal Modeling and Worst-Case Performance Analysis
My first steps with Scratch
NP-Complete Problems
Introduction to Operating Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems Design & Analysis
Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling and Simulation
Advanced C ++
Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization
Approximation Algorithms Part II

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