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A USB memory can have infinite uses. If we have bought a new pendrive and we do not know what to do with that old USB that we have stored in the drawer, we can always use it to carry a portable antivirus. But that is just one of many ideas that we can put into practice to anything that we apply a little ingenuity.

Next, we review some very interesting utilities to reuse and give life to our old pendrive. Stay until the end of the post, because some of these ideas are certainly not wasted. Let's go there!

1- Use a USB memory as a security key

If we want to protect our PC and prevent anyone from accessing it without our permission, we can use a tool like Predator. Once we have it downloaded and installed, the application will ask us to insert a USB drive to create a specific key that will be used to unlock the computer.

Thus, every 30 seconds Predator will analyze our system and if it detects that the USB is not connected to the computer, it will automatically block it, preventing any unauthorized access.

2- Create an application installation unit

If we have a certain number of programs that we regularly install on several computers or on a recurring basis, we will probably be able to get a lot out of a tool like Ninite.

With this utility we can create a single installation file containing all of our most common applications, so that we can easily install them in one go. To do this, we only have to select the programs that interest us, move Ninite to a USB pendrive and plug it into any computer to install all those applications easily and comfortably.

3- Create a USB to reset passwords

If we use a local account to access Windows 10, we may forget the password at some point. Who has not ever happened? If you are one of those forgetful people in life, it is never a bad idea to have a password reset USB handy. Thus, if one day we forget the access key, we can simply connect the USB and the system will allow us to change the password for a new one. All this without the need to indicate which was the previous access code.

To create one of these devices in Windows 10, open Cortana and type "Control Panel”. Inside the control panel navigate to "User Accounts -> User Accounts”. In the side menu select "Create a password reset disk”And follow the prompts.

4- Create a repair disk

If you have a USB stick that you no longer use, you can convert it into a diagnostic and repair unit with tools that allow you to test memory, hard disk partitions and much more.

To do this, download the pack of Hiren’s Boot and use a program like Rufus to create a bootable USB with the .iso file you just downloaded. Once done, boot the PC from the external USB drive and select the tool you want to use.

5- Use it as a network drive

Many routers have a USB input. We can use that port to connect a USB flash drive and use it as a network drive.

In this way, the device and its content will be accessible from any computer or device connected to our network, and we can use it to make copies of important files or to play music, videos, etc. from anywhere.

6- Transform it into a Dead Drop

The “Dead Drop” is a cultural initiative launched by the Berlin artist Aram Bartholl that aims to question internet espionage, information security and file storage in the cloud.

Basically, the Dead Drop consists of cement a USB stick to a wall in your city. The goal is to be able to share any content completely offline and anonymously by creating a file-sharing network outside the reach of the Internet.

7- Portable operating system

Another fairly widespread use for USB sticks is to use them as a portable version of Linux. Something that can be great when we cannot run Windows, and thus load Linux on the computer from the USB and eliminate any virus or make a backup copy of the important files that we have stored on the hard disk.

To install a "Live" version of Linux on a pendrive we have to download an application called Universal USB Installer, thanks to which we can create a bootable USB with Linux.

8- Use the USB pendrive as RAM memory

Those who have a Windows 10 PC with slightly outdated hardware can use their old USB to get it working as an add-on to RAM of the computer.

All we have to do is connect the pendrive to the PC, open the file explorer and navigate to "This team”. We right click with the mouse on the removable drive, we will "Properties”And we go to the“ ReadyBoost ”tab.

Once this function is activated, the system will use the available space on the USB drive as virtual memory, increasing the speed of the operating system and allowing us to run certain programs that otherwise would not be able to run on an old computer or with very low-performance components.

If your PC is too powerful, you will get a message like this.

9- Portable web server

If you are a web developer, you will surely have your own local server on a PC to be able to test the applications or webs you are working on. The problem is that if our hard drive gets corrupted or we have any other type of problem on our computer, we run the risk of losing all our work.

Create a portable web server on a USB stick It can be great for us as a security measure, but it is also very useful to be able to test our applications on other equipment “on the fly”. We can create our own portable web server on a USB with applications like Server2Go or XAMPP Launcher.

10- Encrypt the USB and use it to store sensitive data

If we don't know what to do with our old pendrive we can always encrypt it and use it to save private data that we want to keep as secret as possible. For this we need an application like VeraCrypt, Bitlocker or similar.

Once the application is downloaded, follow the instructions very carefully and above all: do not forget the password. It is the only thing that will allow us to access the content of the USB.

In addition to this, we can also give new life to our old USB using them as a photo album, as an offline music library, or even do a bit of modding and customize the pendrive so that it has a much more attractive appearance. And what do you say, do you know other interesting uses for the typical pendrive that we have forgotten in the drawer for centuries?

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