WPS Office: The great alternative to MS Office on Android and iOS

If you are one of those who rejoiced like castanets when Microsoft announced the Android and iOS version of its well-known office suite Surely you recognize the qualitative leap that these types of apps represent. Be able to use a word processor like Word or create a spreadsheet in Excel from the mobile is saying a lot. Which shows that we are getting closer to having truly fully functional mini computers in our pockets.

WPS Office vs Microsoft Office

But the mobile versions of Word, Excel or Power Point are not alone. WPS Office is an office suite for Android and iOS that perfectly fulfills the role of “great alternative to Microsoft”.

WPS Office is a suite of office automation applications developed by Kingsoft, which was really famous in China between the late 80s and early 90s. Back in 1988 millions of users were using the WPS word processor for DOS. But after the irruption of Office and Windows 95 It fell into the pit of oblivion, and it was not until 2002 when it was reborn, and little by little it has been recovering market share, partly also thanks to the help of the Chinese government. It currently has more than 600 million users.

WPS Office for Android

The WPS application suite is cross-platform and available for both Windows and Linux, Android, and iOS. In its free version for smartphones and tablets, which is the one that concerns us, the app has 4 applications incorporated: Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation (the equivalents of Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and a PDF reader + converter.

The truth is that the applications are quite intuitive and are very well designed to work from a relatively small screen and at the same time have enough editing tools. As in these cases an image is worth a thousand words, I leave you a few screenshots of the Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation so you can see how they work.


As you can see, you can play perfectly with the zoom, font changes, italics, bold, inserting images or tables, styles, etc.


Here we can also work with the classic functionalities on cells, insertion and data ordering, etc.


Like Write and Spreadsheet, Presentation is very reminiscent of PowerPoint and includes all the necessary functionalities to create and edit presentations almost as if we were working on a desktop computer.

File formats

WPS Office is compatible with all the common formats of Word, Excel etc., in addition to supporting many other types of text and data formats.

WPS Office is also seamlessly integrated into the cloud, making it easy to upload and share files between devices.

Download WPS Office for Android / iOS

WPS Office has received several awards on Google Play: "Best App 2015", "Editors' Choice" and "Featured Developer." In addition to its good ratings in the Store, there is no doubt that it is an application that is worth keeping in mind. If you want to download it here you have its corresponding links:

Download QR-Code WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel Developer: WPS SOFTWARE PTE. LTD. Price: Free

If yours are the iPhone and iPad, here is your link:

Download QR-Code WPS Office Developer: Kingsoft Office Software, Inc. Price: Free +

If you want to try the free desktop version, you just have to access their website to download the installation package .

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