Pixaloop, amazing app to animate photos and give them movement

When you think that you have already seen everything and that nothing can surprise you, suddenly you come across an app like Pixaloop and your face is puzzled. What is this? Still images in motion? Animated photographs? Arcane Witchcraft?

The truth is that we are looking at an image editor that goes a little more - well beyond - beyond the typical filters and special effects. Pixaloop is a tool that allows us animate certain sections of an image, creating a kind of loop or loop with a psychotropic sense of dynamism. Here is a small example.



This works especially well when we have a photograph in the sea, with a river or a waterfall, or we want to animate a mane in the wind. Let's see how it works through a simple example.

How to create a still image with moving sections using Pixaloop

First of all, the first thing we have to do is download the application. It is a free editor, although it has some functions that are only available with the premium version. Luckily, all the important effects are in the free app.

Download QR-Code Enlight Pixaloop Developer: Lightricks Ltd. Price: Free

1- Establish the route

Once we have the Pixaloop app installed, we load the image that we want to edit from our gallery. As we can see, the app offers several tools, including one called "Tour". This is the tool that we will use to set the flow of motion in the desired direction.

2- Freeze static objects

The next tool we will use will be "Freeze". Of course, there will be some sections within the image that we want to remain static. With this tool we will mark all the objects that we don't want them to be affected by the animation effect that we just created in the previous point.

3- Add effects and retouching

Finally, we can give an extra touch of dynamism to the image with the "Overlay" tool. In this way, we can add moving particles, rain and other animation effects.

Pixaloop also incorporates other dynamic functions to add movement to the image:

  • Heaven: This tool detects the sky automatically, and adds moving clouds to it.
  • FX camera: This other tool subtly moves the image in such a way that it seems that we are looking at an animated piece.

Once we have the image to our liking, we can export it in video format or upload it directly to our social networks. Needless to say, its potential on sites like Instagram is more than evident, being an editor that is the most recommended for those who seek to surprise with visually impressive content.

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