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Hi guys! How its goes the week? In today's post we are going to do something like what the Ebro transfer has been but with stickers. Exactly! If you have ever used Telegram, surely its stickers will have caught your attention and for good reason: they are much more colorful and elaborate than most of the stickers available for WhatsApp (what's more, many of the stickers that are available for WhatsApp right now are pirated directly from Telegram).

If you use the 2 messaging applications and want use Telegram stickers on WhatsApp no need to install any ad-packed sticker pack. The simplest and cleanest thing you can do is transfer the stickers from one platform to another with the help of tools such as "Personal Stickers for WhatsApp".

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How to convert Telegram stickers into stickers for WhatsApp

The good thing about the "Personal Stickers for WhatsApp" app is that it serves both to transfer stickers from one app to another and to convert any image that we have on the mobile in a beautiful sticker for WhatsApp. The app is free, has more than 50 million downloads, and a high 4-star rating on the Android Play Store.

In this case, what we are going to do is extract the Telegram stickers in the form of an image and then export them to WhatsApp with the help of the application that we have just discussed. Let's see what the process consists of exactly.

1- Install the app and choose the Telegram sticker pack

  • First of all, if you haven't done so yet, install the “Personal stickers for WhatsApp”.
  • Now, open the Telegram app and from the side menu enter the section "Settings”.
  • Click on "Chats”And navigate to the option“Stickers and masks”.

  • In this new window you will see a list of all the stickers that you have installed. Click on the 3-dot button next to the sticker package that you want to transfer to WhatsApp and select "Copy link”. If everything went well you will see a message that says "Link copied to clipboard" in the lower area of ​​the screen.

2- Download Telegram stickers in webp format

  • Next, go back to the Telegram chats area and use the search engine (magnifying glass icon) to locate the bot "Sticker Downloader”. You will see that there are several bots with the same name: select the first one in the list and click "Start" to open a new chat.

  • Long-press and paste the link you just copied to the clipboard into the chat.
  • When pasting the link in the conversation, the bot will return 3 files in ZIP format. Select and download the first one, the one with the ending "”.

Note: If we prefer, we can also download the stickers in jpeg or png format. In this case we have chosen the webp format because it is a more recent format that compresses images better and takes up less storage space.

3- Use a file manager to decompress the downloaded images

  • The next step is to extract the images from the ZIP file that we just downloaded. For this we have to use a file manager. We can use STAR or any other free file explorer for Android that allows decompressing ZIP files.
  • From the file explorer navigate to the internal memory of your device and locate the folder "Telegram -> Telegram Documents”. There you will find the ZIP file that you just downloaded.
  • Click on the file and select "Extract”. The system will automatically create a new folder with all the stickers already unzipped in webp format.

  • Finally, enter the folder, select all the images and move them to the download folder of your Android terminal.

4- Convert images into stickers for WhatsApp

  • Finally, open the app "Personal Stickers for WhatsApp".
  • Accept the permission request and click on the button "+”.
  • Choose a name for the new sticker pack.
  • Locate the download folder and select all the stickers that you want to transfer to WhatsApp. When you are ready, click on "Select".
  • Click on the "OK" button and confirm with the "Add" button.

From now on, if we enter our WhatsApp stickers library we will see that Telegram stickers are already available for use. Goal achieved!

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